Dr Oz: Are Sleeping Pills Linked to Cancer? A Dr. Oz Health Alert


Recapo Update: This episode of Dr. Oz has aired. Click the links below to read about the dangers of sleeping pills and to learn about some strange addictions:

Dr Oz February 12 2013 Preview

Dr Oz: Are Sleeping Pills Linked to Cancer? A Dr. Oz Health Alert

Dr Oz February 12 2013 has a health alert about the danger of sleeping pills. He reveals they could be causing cancer.


Dr. Oz has looked over the effects of sleeping pills before especially when he revealed melatonin shouldn’t ever be used for a sleeping pill because it isn’t actually designed to be used that way. Now he is going to be looking at how sleeping pills could be far more dangerous than you actually think. On his February 12 2013 episode, “Could Your Sleeping Pills Be Killing You? A Dr. Oz Alert,” he is going to reveal how those sleeping pills you take at night, could be doing more than making you tired.

Dr Oz: Dangers of Sleeping Pills

Dr. Oz has new research that links sleeping pills with cancer. Could the information be true or is there some type of miscommunication? Dr. Oz is going to be talking with a panel of experts who are going to sift through all the information and let everyone know if sleeping pills are dangerous to your health or not.

Dr. Oz is also going to show viewers the best all natural ways to fall asleep and how to taking sleeping pills the right way, without having to hurt your body.


Have you been taking sleeping pills? Do you notice anything different about your health? Let us know what you think about the benefits and drawbacks from taking a sleeping pill by leaving us a comment below.

Tune into Dr. Oz February 12 2013 to find out if sleeping pills could lead to cancer. If you miss any of the important information on the show stop by Recapo tomorrow afternoon for a full recap of what Dr. Oz has to say.



  1. Debra Bishop says

    I find that Dr. Oz often recommends herbal remedies that are expensive, impossible to find, & no way to check manufacturer reliability. I take 2 Benadryl at bedtime and no more. Otherwise, I wake up in 2 hours and up all night. I am not overweight, exercise regularly and try to meditate. Real advice would be appreciated. This is 10 menopausal years & counting!

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