Dr Oz: Appetite Suppressants & Transformation Nation Finalists


Dr Oz: Appetite Suppressants

If you are a Doctor Oz fan, you know that many people in the audience struggle to manage their weight. It’s an ongoing saga, and there are a variety of approaches to tackle this problem, ranging from diet programs to exercise routines and supplements designed to help you achieve your fitness goals.

But the bottom line is that it isn’t easy, and everyone could probably use a little help and advice. That’s why Dr Oz is exploring this topic once again, with the upcoming Monday May 7 2012 episode. Get ready to learn about his top four Appetite Suppressants and find out how they can go to work for you.


Dr Oz: Million Dollar Prize

After losing a collective 3 million pounds, someone in Transformation Nation will claim the million dollar prize.

Do you want to lose weight, but struggle to feel full? These Appetite Suppressants could be the answer for you, to fill you up the healthy way and make you feel full longer. You’ll have to tune in to the show or log on to Recapo afterwards to get all the secrets and solutions featured in the episode.

Doctor Oz: Control Your Hunger

Many of us have busy lives and are juggling a number of responsibilities on our schedules. That means we eat whenever we can find the time, and that’s not always the healthiest approach. Plus, what you’re reaching for in those spare moments could be costing you calories and inches on your waistline.


The May 7 2012 episode of Dr Oz’s show will share the different foods you can choose throughout the day to better manage your hunger. What you should eat for breakfast is different than the best snacks for later in the day. The recommendations for lunch aren’t the same at dinner. See what’s best throughout the day.

Dr Oz: Transformation Nation Finale

Dr Oz invited viewers to take his Transformation Nation challenge, and the response was amazing. Viewers have lost 3 million pounds this year through the program.

On the May 7 2012 episode, meet the 10 Transformation Nation finalists. One of them is going to win the ultimate $1 million prize. They’re already winners for succeeding in the program. Now find out who’s taking home the grand prize. Set your bookmarks or program the DVR now so you don’t forget.


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