Dr Oz: Ambien Zombies, Mouthwash Heart Attack Risk + Anti-Aging Hands


Dr Oz February 20 2014

Recapo update: Here are the segments from this show.

Ambien is one of the most popular sleep aids in the country, but for years it has been involved in countless surprising tales of sleepwalking, chaos, and sometimes even danger. Dr Oz is sharing The Disturbing Side Effects of America’s #1 Sleeping Pills Revealed on his Thursday, February 20 episode. This show will also share some advice for anyone who routinely uses mouthwash, and some methods to turn back the aging process as seen in your hands.


Dr Oz: Sleeping Pill Side Effects & Ambien Zombies

Dr Oz: Ambien Zombies, Mouthwash Heart Attack Risk + Anti-Aging Hands

Could sleeping pills be creating Ambien zombies? Learn the side effects and warnings from Dr Oz February 20.

Millions of people rely on sleeping pills to get a better night’s sleep, but for many the side effects can be wildly unpredictable, especially for female patients. Things have gotten so out of control that even the FDA has adjusted its dosage by gender, something it has yet to do for any other drug on the market in the United States.

Dr Oz will speak with one woman whose use of Ambien resulted in a fateful night where she went to sleep and then woke up in a police car, because she was under arrest. How did she get there, and what could happen to you if you are not careful about how you take this drug?


Be sure to watch if you or someone you know uses Ambien or another prescription sleeping pill. These stories may seem unbelievable, but they could happen to you tonight.

Dr Oz: Mouthwash Heart Attack + Anti-Aging Hands

Could your nightly mouthwash routine put you at risk for a heart attack? New evidence suggests there could be a link, and Dr Oz is going to explain what you can do about that on his February 20 episode. Tune in Thursday for advice about how to keep your mouth sparkling clean without endangering one of your most vital organs.

Plus, one of the telltale giveaways of aging can be the state of your hands, so watch to learn what you can do to reverse the aging process for your hands now, making them look and feel more youthful. That’s all coming up on Thursday during a brand new hour of Dr Oz.


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