Dr Oz: Achieving the Thigh Gap, Dangers of Kale + Healthy Yoga Moves


Dr Oz February 25 2014

Recapo update: Here are the segments from this show.

It’s America’s dangerous new diet trend, and Dr Oz is worried that women are too focused on achieving the Thigh Gap. Can you make your thighs more skinny to give yourself a supermodel’s silhouette? That’s coming up on an in-depth discussion this Tuesday, February 25 2014, in Dr Oz’s latest brand new show.


Dr Oz: Achieving the Thigh Gap

Dr Oz: Achieving the Thigh Gap, Dangers of Kale + Healthy Yoga Moves

Achieving the Thigh Gap has become a new beauty goal for many women, but Dr Oz will explore the health dangers of this pursuit on the February 25 episode.

Are you so focused on your goals of beauty that you would sacrifice health to achieve them? Dr Oz is tackling the controversial topic of the Achieving the Thigh Gap on his next episode. Is a new book giving women unsound advice about how to get the look they want, without regard to the potential health consequences? Dr Oz is going to face the author, along with a health expert, to get to the bottom of this.

Learn about the diet trend surrounding the Thigh Gap and what it could actually mean for your health, when Dr Oz delves into this subject on Tuesday’s show.


Dr Oz: Dangers of Kale & Food Label Lies

Dr Oz has praised Kale in the past as an antioxidant superfood. But when could Kale be bad for you? It’s something I never expected Dr Oz would say, but he is going to give us some reasons why we might not want to eat Kale on the February 25 episode.

Also, it’s time to take another look at Food Label Lies to learn how you could be deceived by the packaging at your grocery store. Watch and learn from this Tuesday’s show.

Dr Oz: Healthy Yoga Moves

Dr Oz will also feature some healthy yoga poses for your hips, knees, back, and shoulders. His next episode is crammed with helpful advice and information, so be sure to watch! It’s coming up on Tuesday, February 25. If you can’t catch everything, be sure to log on after the show and check our notes for resources and details on the information Dr Oz talked about with his guests.


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