Dr Oz: 5 Tibetan Rites & The Chakra Diet


Dr Oz: 5 Tibetan Rites

When it comes to preserving tradition and making things last, our habit is to look at what has traditionally worked in the past. So why is that policy different when it comes to health? Coming up on the April 20 2012 episode of The Dr Oz Show, find out what Tibetan Monks can teach us about health and healing.

Experts are sharing five of their practices and secrets that could help you live longer and find more energy, which seems to be a recurring theme among Dr Oz’s recent shows. Could these habits help you relax, and even slow down your body’s natural aging process?


Dr Oz: Tibetan Monks

Could Tibetan rituals hold the keys to ancient health secrets? Find out on the April 20 2012 Dr Oz episode.

Maybe there is something to these time tested rites and rituals that we could all learn from. We’ve never really seen a fat monk, have we? See for yourself how these ideas, including sound therapy, could work for you, coming up on the April 20 2012 edition of Dr Oz.

Dr Oz: Chakra Diet

It wouldn’t be a week without at least one new diet submitted for your consideration by Dr Oz and his guests. As far as successors go, Dr Oz is the clear heir to the throne of Oprah Winfrey. He invites experts to share their messages on his stage. Though he doesn’t seem to personally endorse every single practice or product featured on his show, different things work for different people, so there’s probably no harm in putting most of these ideas out there.


The latest diet trend to make The Dr Oz Show is called the Chakra Diet, so I see we’re sticking with a Far East alternative medicine theme. Again, I’d conjecture that the Eastern World has much healthier habits in general compared to our fast food nation, so we could stand to take a few tips.

Check them out for yourself, plus get some advice to help you sleep better at night. There’s no one right way to relieve pain or take control of your health. See if the show’s featured alternative approaches are a better fit for you. Set the DVR or remember to check Recapo for details after the show.


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