Dr Oz: 1-Hour Natural Detox, Spaghetti Veggies + Metabolism Cookbook


Dr Oz February 5 2014

Recapo update: Here are the segments from this show:

Do you feel like your metabolism is working against you, not for you? Dr Oz is brand new on February 5 2014, and he is showing you a solution with The Fast Metabolism Diet. Burn calories faster and supercharge your metabolism with expert advice and a secret ingredient or two. Also on this show, learn how you can treat yeast infections, detox your own body fast, and make spaghetti veggies. Here’s what’s ahead on Wednesday.


Dr Oz: Haylie Pomroy Fast Metabolism Diet Cookbook

Dr Oz: 1-Hour Natural Detox, Spaghetti Veggies + Metabolism Cookbook

Learn Fast Metabolism secrets from a new cookbook, make any garden favorite into spaghetti veggies, and try a one-hour natural detox on Dr Oz February 5.

If you think The Fast Metabolism Diet sounds familiar, you would be right. It’s a program designed by nutritionist Haylie Pomroy, which hit bookshelves in April 2013 and became a bestseller. Now she is back to refresh those who are following the program and inspire others with The Fast Metabolism Diet Cookbook, featuring new recipes and creative ideas about combining foods and spurring change in your health and body.

Discover her secrets and favorite recipes that you can try when she shares her practical and tested advice with Dr Oz’s audience on Wednesday’s brand new show.


Dr Oz: Yeast Infection Remedies

Most women will probably encounter and have to deal with a yeast infection at some point in life. Dr Oz is coming to the rescue on his next show with some yeast infection remedies that can put a stop to your complaints and concerns about whether to treat it at home or see your specialist for further attention. Tune in Wednesday.

Dr Oz: 1-Hour Natural Detox & Spaghetti Veggies

What if you could do a completely holistic One-Hour Natural Detox to refresh your body? Would you want to try it? Dr Oz said that you can do this, and he will show us how it works on the February 5 episode. Be sure not to miss out on this exciting healthy recharge to motivate yourself.

Plus, do you have a favorite vegetable? For people who love pasta, dieting can present a challenge, because you don’t want to give up all those satisfying noodles. But Dr Oz is showing off a new kitchen gadget that can turn any of your favorite veggies into spaghetti. Find out how it works and what to try with it (beyond the obvious spaghetti squash) when you watch the brand new Dr Oz on Wednesday, February 5.


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