Dr Joe Mercola’s Natural Cures & Remedies: Dr Oz August 1 2012 Preview


Dr Oz August 1 2012 Preview

Do you trust your doctor? That was the big question Dr Joe Mercola asked the Dr Oz audience in a previous episode. On the Dr Oz August 1 2012 show, he’s back to talk more about natural cures and remedies that are so unconventional, your doctor might say they are crazy. But what do you believe?

Natural Remedies: Dr Oz August 1 2012 Preview

Dr Oz August 1 2012 features alternative medicine expert Dr Joe Mercola & natural product reviews for skin and hair care.


Could it be possible to cure cancer, take control of your weight, or eradicate exhaustion using natural cures? Dr Joe Mercola said the answer is yes, and he is showing you how to do just that when he returns to Dr Oz’s show. He is one of the most controversial guests in Dr Oz history, but what he has to say can really resonate with some viewers. Find out if his outsider perspective makes sense for you and your health needs.

White Bean Extract: Natural Skin & Hair Care

Are you tired of dealing with frizzy, out of control hair or dry, damaged skin? The upcoming Dr Oz August 1 2012 show will share expert reviewed products and solutions to allow you to take advantage of a more natural approach to these sensitive problems. Get control of your health and feel good about your future with the products backed by Dr Oz’s handpicked expert team.

Maybe you’ve heard Dr Oz talk before about White Bean Extract. Obviously this is a product he is really excited about, because he’s tackling it again on the Dr Oz August 1 2012 show. If you haven’t yet heard about the benefits of this hot supplement, this is your chance to get in the loop and learn all about it. Plus, see what other products are getting the show’s seal of approval, and how they can be used to address your biggest symptoms and complaints naturally, without a prescription.


Don’t miss controversial alternative medicine guru Dr Joe Mercola, and Dr Oz’s latest product reviews and recommendations, on the next show, airing on Dr Oz August 1 2012. If your station is pre-empting the show because of the 2012 London Olympics coverage, you can read all about it on Recapo so you don’t miss out on what Dr Oz and his guests are saying.


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