Doctor Oz: Best Advice Ever & 50 All Time Greatest Tips


Dr Oz: Best Advice Ever

If you’ve been watching Dr Oz over the years, you know he has given out a lot of good advice. From topics like Diet & Nutrition to Digestive Issues, he’s always giving his perspective and welcoming guests to share their expertise with the audience.

Dr Oz May 1 2012

Learn the 50 all time best Dr Oz tips and advice in this special episode May 1 2012.


There is so much good information in the show each day that it can be hard to keep up with it all, especially if you can’t always tune in to the show. Maybe that’s why he and his team have collected some of his best suggestions and recommendations from the last few years to bring you a best of show.

Set your DVR now for this special episode, airing Tuesday May 1 2012. You won’t want to miss this all new collection of Dr Oz’s greatest hits when it comes to everything you can imagine. Get his best tips all in one jam packed show.

Dr Oz: 50 All-Time Greatest Tips

If you only see one episode of Dr Oz this year, make it this best of edition featuring a collection of his most popular and successful advice. It’s the tips your friends have heard about or that your family cannot stop talking about, collected in one handy show just for you.


Don’t worry if you aren’t able to see the show on TV. You can also read about everything mentioned in the episode right here on Recapo. Just bookmark the site so you can be sure to get all the great information Doctor Oz and friends will be recalling and revisiting in this all new show.

You’ve seen a lot of different episodes and topics on the show over the years. But never before has so much great information been collected in one place. You’ll get it all: more than 50 of Dr Oz’s best and most popular tips, all in just one hourlong episode.

Plus, Dr Oz is getting ready to give away almost a million dollars in health related prizes. Find out all the details on how you can enter his newest giveaway. That’s coming up on the May 1 2012 episode.


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