Do You Trust Your Doctor? Dr Oz July 5 2012 Preview


Dr Oz July 5 2012 Preview: Do You Trust Your Doctor?

Do you trust your doctor? Is that a question you have ever even thought about before? It’s the subject of the Dr Oz July 5 2012 episode, featuring controversial returning guest Dr Joe Mercola. He is no friend to the medical and pharmaceutical communities, but he does see himself as a consumer advocate, and he’s facing off with Dr Oz about some of his most controversial views and beliefs. What can you learn from this fascinating exchange?

Do You Trust Your Doctor? Dr Oz July 5 2012 Preview

Dr Oz July 5 2012 will feature controversial guest Dr Joe Mercola & discussions about alternative treatment therapies like Ear Candling.


Dr Joe Mercola has made a lot of enemies with his controversial opinions, but he’s not afraid to speak his mind. He is talking about the importance of Vitamin D, and his unorthodox suggestion had Dr Oz asking a lot of questions. Are tanning beds a safe source of Vitamin D? That depends, and the doctors don’t completely agree.

See where Dr Oz and Dr Mercola stand on issues including tanning beds and coconut oil. Then, find out whether one of the drugs you are taking is on Dr Mercola’s list of medications you should never agree to take. Find out why he believes that drugs are too quickly prescribed when there may be better means of managing many underlying conditions.

Dr Oz: Ear Candling, Alternative Medicine & Natural Remedies

Also coming up on Dr Oz July 5 2012, find out the latest alternative treatments and natural remedies for chronic pain and other symptoms. Dr Oz took a look at a variety of new treatments for common conditions, and he’s sharing his insights on the show. If you have been wondering about alternative therapies, such as Ear Candling or Ginkgo Biloba, you don’t want to miss this.


If you suffer from back pain, arthritis, or migraines, find out what new remedies Dr Oz will be talking about. Set your DVR for this informative episode, or be sure to get a full report on Recapo. With so many ideas and approaches to medical treatments from around the world, it seems that there is always something new we can learn. Find out what you can learn on the Dr Oz July 5 2012 show.



  1. Marie George says

    I read most of the information about thyroid problems and treatment. None of the articles addresses a sensitivity to iodine. What should be done in that case?

    • says

      We only provide summaries and recaps of information from the show. For specific medical questions or advice, your best bet is to consult your doctor or a medical professional whom you trust.

  2. loretta m jones says

    I was watching the show yesterday and he was talking abut something for miganies?how to spell it headachescan u send me something back for that thamks Loretta Jones

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