Calorie Cutting Cooking Challenge: Dr Oz June 5 2012 Preview


Dr Oz June 5 2012: Cooking Challenge

Dr Oz has been searching this spring for some of the best recipes out there. If you had the chance to cook one of your best dishes for Dr Oz, what would you whip up? Do you think it would pass the health tests and get the approval of his expert judges? Viewers from across the country are hoping to come out on top with the Calorie Cutting Challenge Dr Oz June 5 2012 episode.

Calorie Cutting Cooking Challenge: Dr Oz June 5 2012

The Dr Oz June 5 2012 show features celebrity judges in a viewer cooking challenge.


If you’re looking for some new dishes to spice up your kitchen, check out these meals that are prepared with fewer calories and more healthy ingredients. This week, Dr Oz already highlighted the importance of nutrient dense foods in his 7 Day Crash Diet plan. Will these viewer submissions pass muster?

Doctor Oz: Calorie Cutting Recipes

Which dish is going to come out on top when Dr Oz, his audience, and his panel of judges weigh in? Will it be Lynette’s Manicotti Makeover? Maybe Monqiue’s Chicken Fried Steak Remake will take the blue ribbon. “You can’t tell this isn’t fried,” Dr Oz said when he sampled her dish. But does that mean she’s a shoo-in for the crown? The third contender is Trish’s Lean Bean Enchilada Supreme, so get ready to add some new recipes to your Dr Oz cookbook.

Set your DVR now for Tuesday’s Dr Oz June 5 2012 show, so you can find out about these healthier versions of classic American dishes. Or just bookmark Recapo right now so you can print off the recipes after tomorrow’s show. How easy is that?


Also, some of Dr Oz’s celebrity chefs are sharing their secrets to staying skinny even though they’re always working around their favorite foods. Chefs’ Stay Skinny Secrets and the Dr Oz Cooking Challenge winners are coming your way. Don’t miss the next all new Dr Oz show, full of great advice for your summer kitchen routine. You can also find a collection of past Dr Oz Recipes so you can get started putting together your very own custom Dr Oz Cookbook.


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