Book of 40: The Over 40 Health Guide: Dr Oz July 20 2012 Preview


Dr Oz’s Book of 40: Dr Oz July 20 2012 Preview

Over 40 Health: Dr Oz July 20 2012

Dr Oz July 20 2012 shares a health plan and lifestyle advice for adults approaching or over age 40 to take charge of wellness & diet.

It seems like someone is always making broad declarations about age. Have you ever heard anyone say “40 is the new 30”? If you’ve ever wondered how that can be true, maybe the Dr Oz July 20 2012 episode will help you understand why this is a medical possibility. For decades, 40 was seen as the start of middle age, and while that may be true mathematically, the essentials of your 40s have forever changed, thanks to advances in science and medical research.


Actually, many women are reporting feeling their best and having the most fun in life during their 40s and 50s, and you could be one of them. Dr Oz is highlighting ways to look and feel your best after age 40, or as your grandmother might have put it, to age gracefully. This is the theme of the Dr Oz July 20 2012 show, so be sure to set your DVR for this one.

You could also alert your family and friends, or send episode recaps to that special someone in your life who is approaching the big 4-0. Whether you need to overcome fatigue, balance out your body’s changing hormones, or learn how the rules of weight loss are different on the other side of 40, this episode could be an eye opener.

Dr Oz July 20 2012: After 40 Health Guide

Maybe you’ve seen someone on the street or in the supermarket before and thought they looked stunning. Have you ever found out that someone with striking beauty was actually much older than they looked? Find out how that happens (besides genetics, of course) with the Dr Oz July 20 2012 show, featuring anti-aging beauty secrets, Botox solutions, and wrinkle erasers that can take years off your look.


Eating healthy is a big part of staying youthful and looking great at any age, so you can be sure that’s a part of Dr Oz’s 40+ plan. Get ready to tune in for this exciting episode and get a new lease on life. After all, if 40 is the new 30, it stands to reason that 50 is the new 40. And don’t you want to prepare for your next chapter in life looking and feeling your best?


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