Are You Normal Or Nuts? Dr Oz June 26 2012 Preview


Dr Oz: Normal Or Nuts?

Are You Normal Or Nuts: Dr Oz June 26 2012 Preview

The audience will share health questions to find out whether they are normal or nuts on the Dr Oz June 26 2012 show.

We all have our quirks and the pet peeves that we think only seem to bother us. But how can you tell whether your strange behaviors or fears are typical or if you’re really weird after all? That’s the subject at the heart of the next episode of Dr Oz June 26 2012. He has assembled a team of wellness and mental health experts to talk with audience members and volunteers who shared their own strange behaviors and stories. The scary thing is that you might see some of these behaviors reflected in yourself. Then you’ll have to wait for the moment of truth and learn along with the studio audience: Am I normal or nuts?


Is it strange to be afraid of public bathrooms? Plus, one woman bravely shares her distaste for wet wooden spoons. Is that crazy? If you’re intrigued and can’t wait to find out, don’t miss the upcoming Dr Oz show.

Weather and Health: Dr Oz June 26 2012

Have you ever heard someone predict the rain because they can “feel it in their bones”? That seems to be an example of the interplay between health and weather. But have you ever thought about how deep that relationship goes? Get ready to learn about the important relationship between a major external force in our lives, weather, and one of the most personal aspects of our lives: health.

(Wait…is it normal or nuts to worry about how your health and the weather are related? I wonder if Dr Oz can answer that one.)


Coming up on the Dr Oz June 26 2012 show, learn the true connection between the forecast and your prognosis. Find out the hidden dangers weather could hold for your health that you never knew about. Is there anything we can do to lower our risks? That’s all coming up on the next Dr Oz, so set your DVR or check Recapo to read about the show. Don’t miss out on this fascinating episode that could have a very revealing message for your life.


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