Dr Oz: Whitney Thor Fighting Critics + No Body Shame Campaign


Dr Oz: Fighting Back Against Fat Shaming

Dr Oz kicked off his show by talking about TV star Whitney Thor, who critics argue is promoting obesity. Body shaming is seen everywhere and now Whitney Thor is the latest target but she’s not backing down. After seeing comedienne Nicole Arbour’s fat-shaming viral video, Whitney made a response video of her own. She argued that fat shaming is a thing and is a spawn of overall body shaming.


Critics are trying to say that Whitney is promoting an unhealthy lifestyle on her TLC show My Big Fat Fabulous Life, but the reality is that Whitney suffers from a hormonal imbalance that causes excessive weight gain that even diet and exercise can’t control. Whitney is now fighting back with her No Body Shame campaign, encouraging everyone to love their bodies the same way she loves hes.

Dr Oz: Whitney Thor Fighting Critics + No Body Shame Campaign

Whitney Thor of “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” joined Dr Oz to fight back against her critics and body shamers. (61508583@N02 / Flickr)


Dr Oz: Whitney Thor Fighting Back Against Critics

Dr Oz welcomed Whitney Thor to his show, immediately talking about her critics. Whitney said she believes the notion is insane. Whitney said her life is not an advertisement for something, she’s just living her life. “People are really threatened when they see a happy fat person,” Whitney said.

Whitney also made a point to say that being fat is not mutually exclusive with wanting to lose weight. She said if she’s promoting anything, it’s self love, acceptance, and happiness.

Whitney said it’s especially frustrating when people say Whitney uses her hormonal imbalance as an excuse. According to her, My Big Fat Fabulous Life only gives people a glimpse into her life, so it’s hard to fully understand and see what she’s been through. She used to be thin, even had an eating disorder, and then was diagnosed with a hormonal imbalance that caused her to gain 100 pounds in 8 months. After that, she was miserable and was being treated horribly. She said her campaign is against making excuses, but she deserves happiness.

Dr Oz: Project Harpoon Photoshopping Controversy

Dr Oz then discussed the controversial Facebook page for Project Harpoon which was altering the photos of famous celebrities to make them look thinner. Whitney said it’s annoying, because a lot of people defend fat shaming by saying they’re concerned for a person’s health, when very few actually are. She said the same people from that website, after it got shut down, went back online doing it again. She said what’s telling is that the guys that are doing it “are sitting in their parents’ basements” and claim to have a problem with fat.

Dr Oz: Whitney Thor Pre-Diabetes

Whitney also made a point to say that women of all shapes are sizes are starting to get more recognition. She’s not worried about people who are concerned about her health because she has a doctor, a family, and people who truly care about her.

Speaking of her doctor, Whitney was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. Whitney said it was dangerous because she had no symptoms, but it sent her on a “quest” to lose weight, knowing that she needed to take control of her health. She’s hoping to lose 100 pounds in a sustainable, healthy way. She said you can lose weight and still not be happy, which is why happiness is her priority.

Dr Oz: Whitney Thor Inspiration

Dr Oz then played a video from a woman named Cathie. She shared that she was always bigger, and it affected her self confidence so much that when she was 15-year-old, even though she loved dancing, she stopped. Into adulthood, she was embarrassed by her weight, so she wouldn’t do things. She even considered putting off her wedding, but when she started watching My Big Fat Fabulous Life, she felt so much better. She then was diagnosed with the exact same hormonal disorder as Whitney, and didn’t feel alone. On August 1, Cathie got married and looked beautiful in her wedding dress, thanking Whitney for that.

Cathie was actually right there on the show, and they gave each other the biggest hug. Cathie said one of the things that struck her the most was when Whitney said “when you decided to love yourself in the skin you’re in, that’s the strongest thing you’ve ever done.”

Were you inspired by Whitney’s journey and her story? How does fat shaming make you feel? Do you think Whitney is promoting an unhealthy lifestyle or happiness?


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