Dr Oz: What’s An Affiliate Marketer? Shark Tank Face Cream Scam


Dr Oz: How Does Affiliate Marketing Work? Is is a Scam?

Barbara Corcoran wasn’t holding back when it came time to confront the men responsible for using her name and image without her permission to market a product called Dermafixa Instant Lift Cream. Even though he didn’t deserve it, Barbara agreed to turn the cameras off and speak to the president and CEO of the company, Craig Galione.

Dermafixa Cream Scam Revealed on Dr Oz

Once the cameras were off, Craig told Barbara the reason he got into the business was because he was jealous of another man who was making a lot of money. The guy introduced him to the same kind of scam he was then using to make $300,000 a year. Even more surprisingly, he threw his brother under the bus and said he no longer wanted to be a part of the business and was trying to get out. Worst of all, Craig said he didn’t even know what was in the face cream!



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