Dr Oz: What Would Jesus Eat Review & Humans Created to Eat Like Jesus


Dr Oz: Mark Burnett The Bible Review

Dr. Oz talked with Mark Burnett and his wife Roma Downey about their work on The Bible, a miniseries for the History Channel. They shared some of the facts their research showed and they speculated on the diet that Jesus would have eaten.

Dr Oz: The Year of Living Biblically Review

A.J. Jacobs, author of The Year of Living Biblically, told Dr. Oz he didn’t know what to teach his children about the Bible so he dove right in and started to follow all the rules. He followed all the rules in the Bible, even the rules pertaining to diet and what can and can not be eaten. Jacobs told Dr. Oz for an entire year he did not shave, he lived fruitfully and he even “multiplied,” by having twin sons with his wife. He said his diet consisted of mainly whole foods like lentils and barley and he even took it so far as to eat crickets and locusts.He said his biblical diet gave him more energy and it helped him lose a little weight as well.


Dr Oz: What Would Jesus Eat Review & Humans Created to Eat Like Jesus

Dr. Oz talked with one man who lived biblically for a year, another man who wrote a book titled What Would Jesus Eat and explained how we’re built like Jesus.

Dr. Oz: What Would Jesus Eat Review

Dr. Don Colbert, author of What Would Jesus Eat, told Dr. Oz Jesus ate a plant-based diet, unlike our diet now which contains a lot of meat and processed foods. He said they would sometimes eat a fatty calf if they were feasting, but Jesus mostly stuck to a plant-based diet.

Dr Oz: Human Saliva Designed To Break Down Plant-Based Foods

Dr. Oz shared some interesting facts that support why we were created to eat like Jesus. Two-thirds of our teeth are actually made to eat mostly vegetables. Our jaws are made to go from side to side, while meat eaters, like lions and canines, have jaws that move up and down and are really wide, giving them the ability to attack and eat their food.


Another supporting fact is that our saliva is specially designed to break down plants. Dr. Colbert said digestion starts in the mouth by an enzyme called amylase, an enzyme unique to humans with the sole purpose of breaking down plant products.

One final fact that we were created to eat like Jesus is the fact that our intestines are four feet longer than our bodies, a sign that we were built to have a plant-based diet. Dr. Colbert explained our bodies are not meant to handle all the toxins in meat products. Our intestines are designed to spend a long time digesting plant-based foods so we can benefit from the nutrients in the food. For carnivores, their bodies want to eat as quickly as possible and get the food out as quickly as possible.


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