Dr Oz: What Is The Pink Tax? Women Paying More For Same Products


Dr Oz: Have You Heard Of The Pink Tax?

After conducting an experiment on gourmet versus cheap coffee, Dr Oz wanted to conduct another experiment to find out whether women are really paying more than men for the same products. Dr Oz held up two razors, one pink and one blue. He then explained that they look the exact same minus the color and work the same way, yet the pink one costs almost a dollar more. Why? It’s called the pink tax and it’s a ploy used by retailers to target women and make more money.

Jeff Rossen set out to find out the truth. He took a closer look at shampoo, deodorant, shaving cream, and razors. Many people may not notice the price difference right away, because the products are displayed separately it’s harder to compare the prices, but there’s no denying that the pink tax exists.



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