Dr Oz: Was Mo’Nique Blacklisted? + Weight Loss & ‘Blackbird’


Dr Oz: Mo’Nique Health Transformation

Dr Oz shared that Mo’Nique was going to take us all inside her emotional and physical transformation and her 100-pound weight loss. Mo’Nique strutted out and said she felt amazing inside and out. As for how she lost 100 pounds, she said “very carefully and a lot of hard work.” She said for her, it wasn’t in a pill or in a shake. It’s been about five years, so it didn’t happen overnight. She said in time, she realized who she was. She said she calls the conversations with herself her “church” and now she actually enjoys working out.

According to Mo’Nique, it takes just 60 minutes a day, but she did use a personal trainer. She worked with her trainer day in and day out and made it clear that she wanted to be shapely and keep her curves. “She became my surgeon without ever cutting on my body,” Mo’Nique said.


Dr Oz: Mo’Nique Weight Loss Inspiration

Dr Oz: Was Mo'Nique Blacklisted? + Weight Loss & 'Blackbird'

Dr Oz talked to Mo’Nique about the rumors that she was blacklisted, her 100 pound weight loss, and her role in the new movie ‘Blackbird.’ (tomdog / flickr)

Mo’Nique explained that the beginning for her was when she and her husband were in the shower. When she got out, he asked her how much she weighed. She said she knew the number was 300 pounds but she couldn’t say it out loud. She said “266 pounds” and her husband said, “That’s too much and I want you for a lifetime.”

She never had anyone say that to her or love her that way. She was embarrassed and felt ashamed and guilty of her weight, but she also felt unconditional love from her husband. She cried by herself first, but then came out and held her husband before doing 10 jumping jacks “butt naked.”


Mo’Nique then shared that ever since she was 7 years old, food was her friend. She developed a relationship with food and she had to “break that barrier.” She realized that she was an emotional eater.

Dr Oz: How Mo’Nique Lost Weight

Mo’Nique then shared that she appreciates the fight Dr Oz is putting up to label GMO foods. She said we should have an option and a choice, and we should be aware of what we’re putting inside our bodies. She said she only tries to eat things she can pronounce. She said she doesn’t always succeed at that, but she tries her best.

She said women will contact her on social media and ask her how she’s doing it and she’ll say “one day at a time.” She said just one more bottle of water, or one less chicken wing can make a big difference. She said she’s lost 100 pounds and gained some of it back, but she knows she’s getting healthier in the long run.

Dr Oz: Mo’Nique Molestation & ‘Precious’ Role

Dr Oz then talked about Mo’Nique’s role in Precious and how her personal history affected her decision to take the role. Mo’Nique explained that when she first got the script, she called Lee Daniels and told him it would save lives. She said she was able to forgive her brother because she knew that it was a sickness. She said no one would bring that kind of harm to another human being. Playing the character that she did allowed her to release resentment toward her brother.

Dr Oz: Was Mo’Nique Blackballed?

Dr Oz then brought up that many people are saying that Mo’Nique has been blacklisted in Hollywood. Mo’Nique said she never bought into being “blackballed” or “blacklisted” and said that was just someone’s perception. She said in the same way that the Columbia doctors are perceiving Dr Oz, that was the way Lee Daniels perceived her. She said the scripts and the offers never stopped coming, but the scripts and offers that were coming didn’t make sense.

Dr Oz: Mo’Nique In ‘Blackbird’

Mo’Nique stars in the new film Blackbird that she said has a message about acceptance and love, with no “but” behind it. The film is about a young man being raised in the deep south trying to accept the fact that he was born gay. She plays the boy’s mother who is so deeply rooted in her religion that she believes everything that is in Bible. She finds it hard to love her child through one of the most difficult journeys he’ll take in his life. Isaiah Washington plays the man’s father, who isn’t the stereotypical father of a gay son, because he loves his son through the journey.

She praised actor Julian Walker, because other actors were concerned about how they would be viewed, while he was fearless, knowing he could save a life of someone trying to find their own identity. She said she hopes that the movie sparks conversation and ultimately acceptance.

Do you plan on seeing Blackbird? Did you love Mo’Nique in Precious? What do you think about her incredible weight loss and rumors that she was blacklisted? Tell us!


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