Dr Oz: Vaporizing Alcohol Experiment & Dangerous Side Effects?


Smoking Alcohol: Dangerous New Way To Lose Weight

Would you like to have a good time drinking with friends but avoid the calories and hangover? Most people would say yes, and millions have been learning about the new trend of Vaporizing Alcohol. Dr Oz explored the topic to find out whether it is safe or deadly.

Dr Oz: Vaportini Experiment

Dr Oz said you can find online videos that show you how to smoke alcohol for a quick buzz. This is also a popular new trend in bars, which are offering Vaportini cocktails. Dr Oz put himself to the test by trying this in his own kitchen.


He inhaled just one shot of alcohol in his kitchen, and he was quickly over the legal limit. He could not perform basic sobriety tests, and later he attempted to send a text message. Back in the studio, Dr Oz said he was shocked at how quickly the effects came on, and said that they did not last as long as he would have expected.

Dr Oz: Vaporizing Alcohol Effects

Dr Oz: Vaporizing Alcohol Experiment & Dangerous Side Effects?

Dr Oz put himself under a microscope in an experiment to observe the effects of Vaporizing Alcohol, a trendy new method to prevent hangovers and calories.

Kathleen, a Dr Oz viewer, said she learned about smoking alcohol from a magazine article. She tried it as a way to make drinks more palatable for her husband. Felicia said she began trying it when a local bar offered it as a special.


Both women said they enjoyed the method of enjoying alcohol, but Felicia said that it took her awhile to feel the effects. A Vaportini heats alcohol into vapors, which you can inhale and hold in your lungs for a moment, creating a buzz.

The effects go up and down over time, and a user can continue to take hits of the alcohol. Felicia said she has never had a hangover from a Vaportini, which she thinks is more relaxing. There is also a potential advertised benefit of weight loss.

But Felicia also said it can be harder to determine when you are intoxicated, as compared to drinking alcohol regularly and knowing when to stop.

Dr Oz: Alcohol Inhalation Side Effects

Dr Oz used an animation to show some of the concerns surrounding potential side effects. Vaporized alcohol immediately travels through the body, and Dr Oz pointed out that we don’t know what alcohol could be doing inside the lungs.

If you drink too much alcohol, your body has the ability to reject this via vomiting. But with an inhalation, researchers are concerned that this can cause alcohol poisoning, because there is no way to evacuate it from your system once it has been inhaled.

Dr Oz: Is Vaporizing Alcohol Dangerous?

Addiction specialist Brad Lamm spoke with Dr Oz about the growing trend. He said that vaporized alcohol can drastically increase your blood alcohol level in a short time period. Most people won’t have a breathalyzer handy to determine whether they are below the legal limit.

Lamm also spoke with some of his colleagues, who said that more patients are coming in with alcohol poisoning from smoking alcohol. Dr Oz said he was surprised that he failed a breathalyzer within 20 minutes of beginning his experiment at home.

Brad Lamm was concerned that we do not know about some of the lasting effects and other unintended side effects, such as dependency. Dr Oz said that healthy enjoyment of alcohol is about celebration with friends and family. He would be concerned about people using this method simply to get high from alcohol.

Have you ever heard of smoking alcohol?


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