Dr Oz: Vaginoplasty for Gender Confirmation – Dr Christine McGinn


Dr Oz: Rick’s Transgender Surgery

Dr. Christine McGinn explained How Transgender Surgery Works, noting that she went through the process herself 11 years ago. Next she took Doctor Oz’s audience behind the scenes as a man named Rick underwent surgery to become Erica.

Dr Oz Vaginoplasty

Go inside the operating room, step by step, during a transgender surgery.


Rick, a father of four, has never been comfortable in his own skin. Now 57, Erica first approached Dr. McGinn in 2009. After going through therapy, electrolysis, and hormone treatments, Erica had her surgery in 2010.

Dr Oz: Vaginoplasty For Gender Confirmation

Cameras followed Dr. McGinn inside the operating room as Rick became Erica. Here are the key steps involved in the surgical process. Though Dr. McGinn said it’s actually a simple procedure, it definitely sounds complex, maybe just because you’re dealing with such delicate parts of the anatomy.

  • Scrotum Removal – Dr. McGinn gave it to an assistant to make a skin graft for the vagina.
  • Testicle Removal
  • Penis Separation from Erectile Tissue
  • Penis Tip trimmed and sculpted into Clitoris
  • Space created for Vaginal Walls – This is the most complex part of the procedure, according to Dr. McGinn.
  • Skin Graft placed over Penis Skin
  • Lubricated Hood formed for Urethra
  • Labia created

Dr Oz: Vaginoplasty Surgery Results & Recovery

Erica said she was in the hospital for six days after her surgery. She couldn’t move or get out of bed, because it could disrupt the healing process for her newly constructed vagina. By day three, she did get out of bed and stand up, but she said she was weak and felt like she might faint.


Overall, Erica was surprised that she wasn’t in more pain after the surgery, and said that her happiness and contentment certainly helped her focus on something other than the pain.

Dr. Oz asked Erica if she missed having a penis, and she responded with a resounding no. She said that was another surprise, because she expected to feel some remorse or sense of loss, but did not experience that.

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