Dr Oz: Toni Braxton Lupus Diagnoses & Lupus Forced Bankruptcy on Her


Dr Oz: Toni Braxton Retiring From Singing Due To Lupus

After keeping her life-changing diagnosis secret for many years, Toni Braxton finally went public with her disease and told Dr. Oz she is tired of keeping it a secret. She told Dr. Oz when she was first diagnosed with lupus, many people told her to keep it a secret because it could affect the work she would get in the music business if she could even find someone to work with her despite the disease. She told Dr. Oz she is ready to talk about the disease, and she also announced she is going to be retiring from her singing career. She made the decisions because she said her music was the boss for too long and now her body is the boss and becoming healthy is her main priority.

Dr Oz: Toni Braxton Misdiagnosed Heart Transplant

Braxton told Dr. Oz in 2008 she suffered a heart attack and was told by doctors she needed a heart transplant. For 24 hours, she said she was more worried about her health than she ever had been in her life. Luckily, the next day, doctors told her she had been misdiagnosed and she didn’t need a transplant. Doctors quickly told her she was actually being diagnosed with lupus, which made her feel relieved she said. After doing research on the disease though, Braxton told Dr. Oz she became very scared at what the diagnosis would mean to her health.


Dr Oz: Toni Braxton Lupus Diagnoses & Lupus Forced Bankruptcy on Her

Toni Braxton opened up to Dr. Oz about her lupus diagnosis, how the disease forced her to file for bankruptcy and how it has forced her to retire from music. (Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com)

Dr Oz: Toni Braxton Diagnosed With Lupus

Toni Braxton said it can take up to five years for a person to be diagnosed with lupus because doctors can only recognize the signs when everything pertaining to the disease, from the symptoms to the immune system reacting to the disease, line up perfectly.

Dr. Oz explained to viewers that lupus is your body’s immune system attacking itself as a way to protect you. When this takes place, fluid begins to build around the heart, which can lead to a heart attack. Dr. Oz said a person with lupus is 50 times more likely to suffer from a heart attack which is why he was so thankful Braxton had a chance to talk with his viewers about the disease.


Dr Oz: Lupus Diagnoses Forces Toni Braxton Into Bankruptcy

Toni Braxton told Dr. Oz when she was diagnosed with the disease, the outlook was not good. Doctors told her she would not be able to perform again, something that devastated Braxton who had to cancel all her upcoming shows in Las Vegas after having signed a contract deal. The cancelled shows are what led Braxton to bankruptcy.

Braxton said she was embarrassed and ashamed she had to file for bankruptcy but it also hurt that she was being told she had to keep her diagnosis a secret. One of the most difficult things for her to hear was that she might not be able to get health insurance, which was not true. She told Dr. Oz she wants to talk about lupus because she never wants another person, man or woman, to go through that she has gone through since her diagnosis.

Dr Oz: Toni Braxton Uses Diet and Walking To Manage Lupus

Toni Braxton told Dr. Oz she is able to manage her lupus with a heathy diet and lots of exercise. She said she walks a lot, the best form of exercise for a person with lupus.

Through tears, Braxton told Dr. Oz her biggest fear is not being able to watch her children grow up but she is going to fight as hard as she can to live as long as she can. She said she has found strength to move on because of her supportive family.


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