Dr Oz: Toni Braxton Lupus Affects Family & Mother’s Diabetes Diagnosis


Dr Oz: Toni Braxton Hides Lupus Diagnosis For Years

Toni Braxton stopped by Dr. Oz to about her lupus diagnosis, why she kept it a secret for so long and how the disease forced her into bankruptcy and is the sole reason she is going to be retiring from her music career. Keep reading to find out how her family is helping her deal with this difficult diagnosis.

Dr Oz: Toni Braxton’s Family Educated Themselves About Lupus

Dr Oz: Toni Braxton Lupus Affects Family & Mother's Diabetes Diagnosis

Dr. Oz invited Toni Braxton’s family to talk about how her lupus diagnosis has affected the family and how they deal with it on Braxton Family Values. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)


Dr. Oz and Toni Braxton were joined by Braxton’s four sisters and mother to continue talking about her lupus diagnosis and what it meant for the entire family. The family said their number one priority when they found out Toni was diagnosed with lupus was to educate themselves about the disease so they could help Toni through the disease and make her realize it is okay to be sick.

Dr Oz: Braxton Family Values Review

Dr. Oz continued talking with Toni Braxton, her sisters and mother about the family’s reality show, Braxton Family Values, and how they handled things when Toni was diagnosed with lupus. They said they are always thinking of her when they are filming for the show. In one episode everyone goes horseback riding except for Toni who was unable to attend because the sun exposure would have caused extreme fatigue. Instead, she was able to spend some time getting pampered at a spa. According to Toni Braxton, there are times when lupus has its perks.

Dr Oz: Toni Braxton’s Mother Living With Diabetes

Toni Braxton told Dr. Oz her mother has diabetes and she and her sisters have a unique way of getting their mother to take better care of herself. They went through her entire kitchen and removed all the sugar-filled foods she said she was keeping for her grandkids, even though none of them were over visiting.


Toni’s mother, Evelyn, told Dr. Oz she knows how much of a struggle it can be to live with a disease, but she gets annoyed when her daughters go through the food in the kitchen. She said she gets especially annoyed when any of her children bring their own children over just so they can make sure their mother is eating correctly. While she admits her children drive her crazy sometimes, she does love them. And she is standing by her claim that the sugar-filled foods are for the grandkids, even if nobody believes her.


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