Dr Oz: Theresa Caputo Vs Her Critics + “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up”


Dr Oz: Theresa Caputo, Long Island Medium

Dr. Oz welcomed Theresa Caputo, most commonly known as The Long Island Medium, to the show to talk about her experiences speaking with the dead. When Theresa first sat down, she claimed she was concerned that not a lot of people in the audience would know who she was, but it appears as if they certainly did!

Dr Oz: Theresa Caputo Vs Her Critics

Dr Oz: Theresa Caputo Vs Her Critics + "You Can't Make This Stuff Up"

Theresa Caputo joined Dr. Oz to talk about why she does what she does and how she feels about those that criticize her gift. (Bruce Rolff / Shutterstock.com)


Dr. Oz first wanted to know how Theresa Caputo dealt with all of the criticism she gets from people. She explained that she never intended to do what she does just so that people would be believe in mediums. She said she respects the people who believe in what she does, just as she respect those who don’t.

“This isn’t about anyone believing in mediums. You know, this helps people and it gives them peace and permission to embrace life. And I just feel I’m so blessed to be able to do that,” Theresa said.

Dr Oz: Why Theresa Caputo Talks To The Dead

Theresa Caputo told Dr. Oz that people often feel a lot of negativity when someone dies. They’re oftentimes left thinking about what they should have done different or could have done to change things when they were still alive. She explained that a burden like that can cause all sorts of health issues like anxiety, stress, and even ulcers.


Theresa said that she’s felt a burden like that be lifted off of people after they’ve met with her. She gave an example of a client she had that was so filled with anxiety that she couldn’t leave her house and was overweight. Theresa said that after she met with the woman, the woman lost 15 pounds and was finally able to leave her home.

Dr. Oz asked Christie, one of Theresa’s clients, to stop by the show and share her story. Christie had a double lung transplant in 2011 because of cystic fibrosis, and had survivor’s guilt because she was alive due to someone else dying and giving her their lungs. When Christie met with Theresa, Theresa told her that her donor wanted her to live her life with a second chance. Theresa explained that she does what she does so that she can change people like Christie’s lives. “You can’t make this stuff up,” Theresa said.

Dr Oz: Theresa Caputo Audience Member Reading

Theresa Caputo talked to the spirit of one of the audience members’ fathers. Apparently something had happened with his chest, but he wanted to tell his daughter that he could hear her before he died, and that he was with her mother. The woman’s mother was even complaining to Theresa Caputo about her hair.

Theresa Caputo wrote a book about her experiences titled You Can’t Make This Stuff Up.


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