Dr Oz: RealAge Test Questions & Lack of Sleep Affects Aging Process


Dr Oz: RealAge Test Determines Your Health Age

Dr. Oz welcomed Dr. Michael Roizen, the creator of the RealAge Test, onto his show today. Dr. Roizen called the RealAge Test a report card for how you are aging based on all aspects of your life. He said your RealAge could come out to be higher or lower than your calendar age.

Dr. Roizen said not to worry what your driver’s license says about your age. He said it is simply a number and your RealAge is based on habits, lifestyle and geentics. The tests helps to determine how you will age and at what speed you are aging, giving you a personalized look at your own health.


Dr Oz: How To Improve RealAge Number?

Dr. Keith Roach, another one of the creators of the RealAge Test, said you may not be able to control your genetics but you can control every other factor that makes your body age. He said no matter your RealAge or calendar age, there are always things you can do to improve your RealAge number and improve your health.

Dr Oz: RealAge Test Questions Determine Belly Fat

Dr Oz: RealAge Test Questions & Lack of Sleep Affects Aging Process

Dr. Oz went over some of the questions associated with the RealAge Test, explained how the RealAge Test works and revealed blood pressure affects aging.

Dr. Oz recommended everyone find their RealAge by taking the RealAge Test at his website. Here are some of the first questions you are going to be asked:

  1. How tall are you?
  2. How much do you weigh?
  3. What is your waist size?

Dr. Michael Roizen said these questions focus on the amount of fat in your body, especially belly fat, which all Dr. Oz fans know puts you at a higher risk for heart disease.

Dr Oz: Lack Of Sleep Increases Heart Disease Risk

Dr. Oz has always believed sleep is the most under-appreciated daily habit performed by humans. Sleep plays a key role in overall health and how fast you age, which is why the two following questions are on the RealAge Test:

  1. On a typical day, about how many hours do you sleep?
  2. How often do you take a prescription or over-the-counter medications for sleep?

Dr. Keith Roach said no one knows how much sleep is needed, but a lack of sleep has been linked to heart disease and a weakened immune system. Dr. Oz also added that the less sleep you get, the more weight you are going to gain.

Dr Oz: Lower Blood Pressure Slows Aging Process

The next set of questions on the RealAge Test are about blood pressure ad cholesterol. Dr. Oz added that if you do not know the answers to the following questions, the number are probably not good.

  1. Do you know your blood pressure?
  2. Do you know your total cholesterol level?
  3. Do you know your HDL level?

Dr. Michael Roizen said blood pressure and cholesterol greatly affect the aging process. He added that good blood pressure can add up to eight years onto your life.


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