Dr Oz: Pink Fat Shaming + Free-Range Parents & Allergic To Water


Dr Oz: Rita Wilson Breast Cancer & Second Opinion

Dr Oz kicked off his show with the biggest trending health topics and everything you need to be in the know. First, Tom Hanks’ wife Rita Wilson recently opened up about her battle with breast cancer. She spoke with People magazine exclusively about her condition. She underwent a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. Kate Coyne from People shared that Rita’s prognosis is actually very good and she’s surrounded by her family and friends. She’s expected to make a full recovery.

Rita has a powerful message that she’s trying to share. She got a biopsy that came back clear, although there was a mass. Something urged her to get a second opinion, which she did, and then found the cancer. She wants people to know that sometimes, getting a second opinion can be a life-saving decision.


Dr Oz: Pink Fat Shaming

Dr Oz: Pink Fat Shaming + Free-Range Parents & Allergic To Water

Dr Oz talked about why Pink experienced fat shaming. Do you think musicians are being targeted? (meganwikle / flickr)

Dr Oz also talked about how Pink has recently taken on some fat shaming. She recently attended a cancer benefit for a friend of hers and wore a beautiful black dress. When she got home, she was shocked by all the comments of people body shaming her, saying she had an “unflattering figure.”

Pink responded on Twitter by saying: “I’m perfectly fine, perfectly happy, and my health, voluptuous and crazy strong body is having some much deserved time off. Thanks for your concern.” Dr Oz said fat shaming doesn’t make anyone thinner, it just makes the bully small.


Dr Oz: Free-Range Parents Controvesy

Dr Oz then wanted to talk about free-range parenting. The “free-range parents” from Maryland are under fire once again, after their 6- and 10-year-old kids were picked up by police for walking miles to their homes. The kids were taken into protective custody rather than back home and the parents were charged with unsubstantiated neglect.

The outraged parents defended their free-range belief, saying that kids need to gain independence. The mom has said, “We are shocked and outraged that we have been deemed negligent for granting our children the simple freedom to play outdoors.”

Dr Oz: Going Too Far To Teach Independence?

Dr Oz wanted to know what his viewers on Facebook thought, and over 10,000 people responded. While some called it irresponsible, others praised the parents for teaching independence. Dr Oz shared that kidnapping rates have actually gone down in the last 40 years; we just seem to hear about it a lot more. While abductions are rare, car accidents are not, and that’s why the kids could be at risk.

Dr Oz said his parents always told him and his sister to go outside and play, and he turned out just fine. What do you think? Are the parents’ actions justified or are they putting their kids at risk?

Dr Oz: 65-Year-Old Expecting Quadruplets

Dr Oz then shared news of the 65-year-old woman who is pregnant with quadruplets. She already has 13 children and seven grandchildren. One audience member said she thought it was dangerous in so many ways, because of the woman’s age. She pointed out that the woman will be 75 years old when the kids are 10 years old.

Another woman disagreed, because she said no one should tell another person when they should or shouldn’t have a baby. She said if the doctor allowed her to go that far, why shouldn’t she have the children? One man in the audience said if God let her get pregnant, she should follow through with it.

Dr Oz: 65-Year-Old Expecting Four

Dr Oz said a lot of experts believe that getting pregnant is like running a marathon, and those over 40 have more risks. There are also more risks with having multiples. Dr Oz explained that it was not a natural conception, and the babies were actually placed there by a doctor. The second woman cited the bible saying that nothing is impossible.

Another woman in the audience shared that while she may be able to have the kids without problems, the fact that she’s a single mom at that age, means that the kids could soon become the responsibility of someone else. Dr Oz said he didn’t agree with the doctor implanting the embryos.

Dr Oz: Allergic To Water?

Dr Oz was then joined by a 17-year-old named Alex who claims that she’s allergic to water. Alex explained that she first reacted when she was swimming in a hotel pool. Over the next two years, she started reacting to the rain, her sweat, swimming, and all kinds of other things.

Alex said she was motivated to figure out what was wrong, so she talked to five or six specialists, did her own research and then figured out she had oxygenic urticaria. She said it’s only on her skin, so she can drink water fine. She struggles with dry eyes, which is just one of the solutions.

She said she has to avoid water and uses hand sanitizer rather than washing her hands. She also takes cold showers because cold water affects her less. She said she’s lived with it for so long that she kind of forgot it was a big deal. She shared that she’s actually helped a lot of people with urticaria and diseases that often aren’t recognized.


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