Dr Oz: Perfectionist Decisionmaking Stress & Health Consequences


Dr Oz: Help! I Can’t Make Decisions

For those who have trouble making decisions or are paralyzed with the fear of making the wrong choice, Dr Oz had some advice to keep this from affecting your health. Are you a perfectionist? Could challenges with decisionmaking be taking a toll on your stress level and health?

Noreena Hertz, the author of Eyes Wide Open, explained to Dr Oz that this type of fear can actually affect our health, “because we get so scared that we’ll make the wrong decision that we get anxious, we get stressed. Our heart rate goes up, our adrenaline goes up, and this takes a toll on our health.”


Dr Oz: Perfectionist Decisionmaking

Dr Oz: Perfectionist Decisionmaking Stress & Health Consequences

Do you want to know how to make decisions more effectively? Noreena Hertz and Dr Oz shared their perspectives and tools to help you be more decisive daily.

Maybe you are a Perfectionist who feels paralyzed in the decision making process. Perhaps you were second-guessed or feel that you have made a bad choice in the past. Noreena said that it’s common for people to get stuck instead of moving on.

Marcia is one of these people, and she told The Dr Oz Show that she can’t even make a decision about what to wear, and she can’t even choose what to pick out for her seven-year-old daughter. She is also scared of the big life decisions and what the consequences might be.


She has also been contemplating a divorce from her husband, and their relationship has ebbed and flowed. That is a serious thing to consider, so it’s understandable that this would be a difficult choice.

Dr Oz: Decisionmaking Stress & Health

Dr Oz wondered why Marcia struggles with small, basic decisions. Marcia said that she remembered her mother’s words from childhood that people judge you based on the way you dress, so she may still be afraid of giving the wrong impression.

Marcia said that she has a picture of what she imagined family might look like, and she is anxious about her strained marriage. She feels smothered by the overwhelming weight of the decisions she is facing. “I’ve noticed that the more I think about it, I’ll get headaches,” she said.

In the Truth Tube, Dr Oz displayed her heart rate, which was over 100, and sometimes as high as 130, which is abnormally high for a resting rate. What can you do if you have trouble making decisions and it is affecting your health?


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