Dr Oz: Perdue Antibiotic-Free Chicken Use Oregano Extract & Thyme


Dr Oz: Perdue Goes Antibiotic-Free

In a landmark change, one of the biggest producers of chicken in the United States, Perdue, is going antibiotic-free. This is a move that occurred thanks to the demands of consumers who wanted healthier chicken. For the first time, Dr Oz was granted access to a farm raising Perdue chickens to see exactly what this move means for consumers.

Mark Schatzker visited a Perdue hatchery and explained that it’s in hatcheries just like that where millions of chickens are born every day. But the hatchery he visited was doing things differently by not using antibiotics. Mark met with Bruce Stewart-Brown, who oversees the health of all Perdue chickens. Perdue has been working on the “no-antibiotic project” since 2002 and the hatchery presented one of the biggest problems. It was explained that chicken companies were using antibiotics in the first place because of the dirty eggs that were coming into the factory. They had to start there and reportedly began using baby wipes to clean the eggs and prevent other eggs from becoming contaminated. You can only imagine how many baby wipes they now go through!



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