Dr Oz: ‘Outlander’ Actor Sam Heughan + Health Quiz


Dr Oz: Sam Heughan ‘Outlander’

Dr Oz shared that there were many people in his audience who were huge fans of Sam Heughan from Outlander. Sam shared that since Outlander came out in summer 2014, he’s developed quite a following. He said he’s overwhelmed by the enthusiasm. Sam’s fans actually carry around pictures of Sam they created, including one of him escaping a shark. Dr Oz shared that he actually has a close connection with Sam because Sam just finished filming a movie called When The Starlight Ends. The young woman who plays opposite him is his daughter Arabella.

Dr Oz: 'Outlander' Actor Sam Heughan + Health Quiz

Dr Oz talked to actor Sam Heughan about his upcoming project with his daughter Arabella. (davidberkowitz / flickr)


Sam shared some footage from the movie, which was a scene where Arabella’s character was teaching him to dance. Dr Oz yelled “cut!” before the two characters shared a kiss.

Dr Oz: Health Trivia

Dr Oz then shared that Sam agreed to take a picture with two “hooligans,” as his fans are called. Two fans were going to be called down and asked health and fitness questions. If they got them right, they got a picture. If they got them wrong, too bad! Jennifer and Joy were nominated and they were pretty excited to say the least! “You’re real!” exclaimed one of them.

Dr Oz first asked the hooligans if it was correct to say that crunches are the best way to burn belly fat. They guessed no, which was correct.


Dr Oz then asked if walking could be as beneficial to your health as running, to which they correctly responded yes! Just be sure to walk quickly to get your heart rate up!

Finally, Dr Oz asked them what Sam’s favorite workout was. They guessed hiking and they were correct!

Sam then joined all his fans in the audience for a picture, which they were all very excited to be a part of! Are you a hooligan, a.k.a. a fan of Sam Heughan?


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