Dr Oz: Oprah Winfrey On Broadway? + Making Peace With Her Body


Dr Oz: The Civil Rights Movement Vs Protest Marches Today

Dr Oz continued his conversation with Oprah Winfrey and she said Selma will open up the conversation for people. If Martin Luther King, Jr. were alive today, Oprah said he would want to have the conversation. She asks herself if she would have had the courage to do what they did at that age. She said the parallel between what’s happening now and what was happening then is that there was a strategy, and they had a goal and full intention of gaining the right to vote.

Dr Oz: Oprah Winfrey On Broadway? + Making Peace With Her Body

Oprah Winfrey sat down with Dr Oz to talk about her new movie ‘Selma’ and how she is making peace with her body. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)


She said there was also rigorous discipline. She said those people knew what they were facing, people with whips and batons and dogs, but yet they still came in peace. When they got knocked down, they got up and came in peace again. Oprah shared that her character was denied the chance to vote five times and said to imagine wanting something that bad.

Dr Oz: Oprah Winfrey On Maya Angelou & Spirituality

Oprah shared that one morning before filming, she got the call that Maya Angelou had died. She said she had a moment but never thought she wouldn’t work that day. She said she was going to use Maya’s passing as her strength and her inspiration, and that’s what she did.

Dr Oz then wanted to know how Oprah saw spirituality and her own personal health intersecting. She said she saw Rob Bell the other day, and he said you can’t seek a spiritual life, because you are a spiritual life. He said there is no life that is separate from your spiritual life, so she sees herself as “a spiritual being having a human experience.”


Dr Oz: Oprah Winfrey On Broadway?

Oprah then shared that last year she was trying to build a network and was trying to satisfy a lot of other people’s needs, so she spent 275 days on the road. She said she doesn’t want to live that way anymore, so she tries to take moments and be still, which is what meditation is for her.

Dr Oz said Oprah always tells him to have peace with where he is, and Oprah said you don’t do anything without intention. She said she’s trying to decide if she’s going to come to New York and do Broadway. She said she doesn’t allow herself to become overly stressed.

Dr Oz: Oprah Winfrey Making Peace With Her Body

Dr Oz brought up an epiphany that Oprah wrote about in her magazine about her body and her weight. Oprah said she didn’t remember it, and Dr Oz reminded her that she had written about a party that she was invited to attend, but she had gained five pounds, so she wasn’t proud of who she was and decided not to go.

She explained that she had been on the OptiFast diet and had lost 67 pounds in three months. Don Johnson invited her to a party and she missed out because she was self-conscious. She said that encouraged her to make the decision that she wasn’t going to go through life and not fully show up, because she was determining who she was based on a size.

Oprah said she’s still making peace with it and said, “I never was a size 6. Not even in the sixth grade was I a size 6.” She said it’s a constant thing for her.


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