Dr Oz: NY Med’s Memorable Past Patients – Liver Tumors & Heart Surgery


Dr. Oz: Jack from NY Med – Heart Surgery Update

Dr. Oz: NY Med's Most Memorable Past Patients

Dr. Oz invites some of the most memorable patients from NY Med onto the show to talk about how they are doing today.

Dr Oz followed up with some past patients featured on NY Med. Jack had heart surgery on the show and it was not likely he was going to be able to live. Dr. Oz and another heart surgeon tried desperately to save the man’s life.


They successfully saved the man and had him on the show to see how he was doing. Jack looked like he was doing great. Dr. Oz said it was all due to everyone doing great job, staying level headed in a stressful situation and trying to make a very somber occasion a bit more light and easier to work with.

Dr. Oz Past Patients: Cornell – Liver Tumors Update

Cornell, a 66 year-old man, had a tumor on his liver that most doctors would not operate on. One doctor wanted to remove the liver, cut out the cancer and put the liver back in place. When he pulled the liver out though, he realized the cancer had spread to both sides of the liver and he would not be able to operate on it. He told Cornell he had 6 months to live.

One year later, Cornell is on the Dr. Oz show. He said he has been given three different death dates over the course of having his liver looked at and he has made it through all of them. He said he attributes his health and living for longer than anyone thought because of God and because of his loving wife.


Cornell said he is going to keep living life as long as he can and not let the cancer get the best of him. He said he has been traveling to numerous family reunions and plans on taking his wife to Ireland next year, a dream of hers.


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