Dr Oz: NY Med Surgical Team – Dr Arundi Mahendran & Dr Anthony Watkins


Dr. Oz: Dr. Arundi Mahendran & Dr. Anthony Watkins

Two of the most lovable members of the NY Med cast are Dr. Arundi Mahendran and Dr. Anthony Watkins, both transplant surgeons who work together on almost all their surgeries. They seem to have a very playful relationship, although they do seem to get annoyed by each at times, kind of like they may be related. They even have a disagreement over who ate the last of the snacks. They could be siblings.

Dr Oz: NY Med Surgical Team - Dr Arundi Mahendran & Dr Anthony Watkins

Dr. Oz sits down with Dr. Arundi Mahendran and Dr. Anthony Watkins to talk about their close relationship and why it is vital to them.


Dr. Oz asked if they were dating and Dr. Mahendran said you couldn’t pay her enough while Dr. Watkins said he has been happily married for 10 years. They said they get along so well because they have to like each other and trust each other, even when they are not performing surgeries.

Dr. Mahendran said she needs someone she can trust outside the operating room and she believes they work well together because they both go through the same things each day and can understand each other. Dr. Watkins said they can relate to each and know that each one cares about the other and they both care for the patients.

Dr. Oz: What About Your Wife? And the Chocolate?

Dr. Watkins said his wife knows he and Dr. Mahendran have a very close relationship and is not threatened by it. Dr. Watkins said they have all had dinner together many times and he sometimes works out with Dr. Mahendran’s boyfriend.


As for the snacks, Dr. Watkins still claims he never took them. I guess that’s one secret no one will ever find out.

Dr. Oz: Petra’s Tumor Update

Petra, a very young girl, had to have a tumor removed to save her life. Her mother Megan said she was close to dying and Megan wanted nothing more than to just take her little girl home. Dr. Q was the doctor that saved her daughter’s life.


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