Dr Oz: NY Med – The Real Life Grey’s Anatomy?


Dr. Oz: NY Med

Dr. Oz invited the cast of NY Med, also his colleagues, onto the show to talk about what it is like being on camera, how people handle with the stress of being a doctor and he even reveals some never before scene footage.

Dr .Oz said Ner York Presbyterian Hospital, one of the busiest hospitals in America and the hospital the show is filmed at, is basically like his home because he started his medical career there when he was a very young surgeon.


Dr. Oz: NY Med Review

Dr. Oz asked the doctors and nurses of NY Med to explain what the show really is. Dr. Anthony Watkins said it a place that can get really hectic, really fast and it has taught him how to deal with my personal struggles outside of work. Dr. Sebastian Schubl said the show accurately portrays exactly what it is like to work in a hospital.

Dr. Debbie Yi said it is the perfect medical drama and added that it is the real life version of Grey’s Anatomy. Rita Saverino seemed to put it the best way though. She described the show as a completely awesome cocktail of hospital drama and saving lives.

Dr. Oz had to ask if people were doing it in the closet as seems to be a requirement on all hospital dramas. Everyone said that has never happened.


Dr. Oz: Music and Medicine

Dr Oz: NY Med - The Real Life Grey's Anatomy?

Dr. Oz invited the cast from NY Med to talk to him about working in a busy hospital and what it was like being on camera.

Dr. Arundi Mahendran said music and medicine go hand in hand. Dr. Mahendran said music helped her find her soul during her brutal residency. She saaid the music reminded her of who she is and was an outlet for her.

Dr. Oz: Never Marry a Doctor

Dr. Debbie Yi said she would never marry a doctor at one point on the show. But no she is engaged to one. Dr. Yi told Dr. Oz she decided to marry a doctor because they understand her schedule and they understand what she does each and every day. Dr. Yi said it is nice to be able to decompress at the end of the day with the person you love.

Dr. Oz: A Hospital Full of Friends

Katie Duke, one of the breakthrough star nurses on the program, said everyone on the show has to be friends. She said they go through everything together and have to be there for each other no matter what.

Being a doctor sounds like the most stressful job in the world, but it seems like you meet some of the smartest, kindest people in the world as well.

Dr. Oz: Rhonda’s Update – NY Med

Rhonda was on the first episode of NY Med when she was scheduled to have a tumor removed from her brain. She said she was terrified that if she woke up from the procedure, she would be a completely new person.

That did not happen. Rhonda said she is very happy with her life and a recent graduate of nursing school.


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