Dr Oz: Never Before Seen Footage From NY Med & Crazy Fan Tweets


Dr Oz: NY Med – Never Before Seen Footage

Dr. Oz plays a bunch of never-before-seen footage from NY Med. Most of the clips were of the cast being goofy. Katie Duke seems to dance a whole lot. Dr. Arundi Mehendran has so many laughing fits, it seems like she thinks everything is funny. And Dr. Anthony Watkins can never seem to get a word in because noisy carts seem to get pushed right by him every time he tried to speak.

Dr Oz: Never Before Seen Footage From NY Med & Crazy Fan Tweets

Dr. Oz shows some never-before-seen footage from NY Med and asks the cast what the craziest tweets they have received say.


They even had some more pranks. Duke, of course she was behind it, posted pictures of one of the doctors all over the ER and even on some of the other doctors and nurses. You could tell the doctor was a bit uncomfortable with his face being all over the ER. Kind of ironic though, since he is on national television.

Dr Oz: NY Med Regrets?

Dr. Oz asked the cast if they regretted any of the things that were caught on camera but none of them seemed to regret it at all, most of them citing they knew what they were getting in to. Dr. Watkins said he knows he acts goofy when he is sleep deprived and after a few months, he said he forgot the cameras were even there.

Dr. Oz: Baby Joey – NY Med Update

Baby Joey came on to the show, a very young child who had been near death while on the show but got the heart surgery he needed and is looking healthier than ever. The doctor who operated on him said he was going to make a full recovery.


Dr. Oz: Crazy Questions for NY Med

Dr. Oz asked the cast if they ever recieved any crazy emails or tweets. Dr. Watkins said he got numerous tweets asking him to do the Michael Jackson kick move. And he obliged. He was actually pretty good at it. Dr. Oz, not so much.

Dr. Schubl said he received a tweet from a women saying she wished he was single and proceeded to give him her number over twitter. He said he never called or texted it.


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