Dr Oz: Morgan Spurlock, Inside Man + Medical Tourism


Dr Oz: Morgan Spurlock ‘Inside Man’

Dr Oz explained that there’s a growing trend that could actually help you save thousands of dollars in health care costs, but you’d have to travel out of the country for care. He shared that nearly one million Americans travel outside of the country each year for medical procedures like dental work, hip replacements, and other tests and surgeries.

Dr Oz: Morgan Spurlock, Inside Man + Medical Tourism

Dr Oz talked to Morgan Spurlock about people traveling outside of the U.S. for cheaper medical care. (Christopher Edwin Nuzzaco / Shutterstock.com)


Morgan Spurlock first took on fast food in Super Size Me, but now he’s taking on medical tourism as part of Inside Man, a show on CNN where he takes on topics ranging from marijuana and UFOs to futurism. Morgan is showing why it’s cheaper for many people to travel outside of the U.S. for major medical care.

Dr Oz: Medical Tourism & Traveling For Medical Care

Morgan wanted to experience medical tourism firsthand, so he traveled to Thailand to get a procedure done himself. He underwent a variety of treatments for a fraction of the cost of here in the U.S. He got a shoulder MRI, a full blood test and physical that included an EKG, a chest x-ray, an abdominal ultrasound, and an eye exam. He also got four consultations with specialists and a colonoscopy. All that cost about $3,000, but it would have cost $7,000-14,000 in the U.S.

Dr Oz spoke to Morgan, who said he was surprised when he first heard about people traveling for medical care, until he got there and realized that they were world class hospitals with dozens of highly trained doctors and medical professionals. He said it’s incredibly efficient.


Dr Oz: Cheaper Medical Care Outside The U.S.?

Dr Oz wanted to know if it would even out because of the cost of travel and hotel stays, but Morgan said it still tends to be cheaper because the actual procedures end up costing a fraction of what they cost here. But what about the people who have insurance? Morgan said sometimes insurance companies will even encourage patients to do it, because it’s still cheaper. He said people should get it in writing though that the insurance company said they would cover the procedure.

Dr Oz said medical tourism is not for procedures like breast implants or plastic surgery, but rather it is for things like dental work and coronary bypass, as well as weight loss treatments. Dr Oz said there are also things you give up when you leave this country. Morgan said to make sure you’re going to an accredited hospital and that it’s an internationally accredited institution filled with accredited doctors. He also suggested getting the costs up front.

Dr Oz: ‘Super Size Me’ Years Later

Dr Oz just had to ask Morgan about Super Size Me. Morgan said he ate fast food for 30 days straight and gained 24 and a half pounds by the end of it. His cholesterol skyrocketed, his blood pressure was off the charts, and his liver was filled with fat. Now, years later, Morgan said he thinks the industry responded with healthy options, but it made people realize they had to do more to take care of themselves.


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