Dr Oz: Montel Williams Right To End Your Own Life & Suicide Attempt


Dr Oz: Montel Williams Suicide Attempt

Montel Williams spent the 1990s exploring other people’s lives on his popular and successful talk show. But on a visit to Dr Oz earlier this years, he said there was a lot going on behind the scenes, including the shocking Suicide Attempt he hid from friends and fans for years. Montel Williams Right To End Your Own Life was one of the most controversial Dr Oz episodes this season.

The former talk show host suffers from Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and the pain got so bad at times that he considered ending his own life. Though he did not go through with his attempts, he believes that everyone should have the right to end their life if they choose to do so.


Montel Williams Right To End Your Own Life: Dr Oz

Dr Oz looked back at the controversial debate on his Montel Williams Right To End Your Own Life episode. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

He hid his 1999 MS diagnosis from fans and friends, but would secretly cry for hours between tapings, faking a smile in front of the camera, all while working harder than ever before. His symptoms continued to worsen over time.

Montel Williams Suicide Attempt: Dr Oz

Montel Williams tried overdosing on prescription medication, and in his darkest moment, planed out his suicide. He thought about how he could spare his family pain by making it look like an accident. He even practiced arranging his guns so it would look like he accidentally shot himself while cleaning them. But he decided he didn’t want his children to find his body, so he couldn’t go through with it.


In his second suicide attempt, Montel Williams impulsively threw himself in front of a taxicab. But the driver not only hit the brakes to avoid striking him, but recognized Montel from TV. After that, he decided to figure out ways to manage his pain, and since then he’s been trying to learn about other alternatives to pain management.

However, he believes that if his pain continues to worsen and ever reaches a 10 on the point scale, he should have the option of a way out.

Dr Oz: Montel Williams Right To End Your Own Life

Montel Williams told Dr Oz’s audience that people should have the option of dying with dignity. When doctors determine that the clock is running out and you are terminally ill, you should have a say in the process, but he stops short of advocating for doctor assisted suicide.

He believes that suicide for the terminally ill is a deeply personal decision, and no one else can know what it is like to be trapped inside your body with unbearable pain for months until your body finally gives out. Montel Williams said no one should have the right to tell you when to end your life, except for you.


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