Dr Oz: Miss Colorado Kelley Johnson & Nurse Controversy


Dr Oz: Miss America Nurse Controversy

Dr Oz began his show by explaining that #NursesUnite has become a nationwide movement after criticism arose over Miss Colorado Kelley Johnson. Kelley, during the talent portion of the Miss America competition, got on stage and expressed her passion for her job, wearing scrubs and a stethoscope around her neck. Dr Oz said he’s been frustrated about the comments that have been made because he’s seen firsthand how many lives nurses touch. He dedicated his entire show to nurses and everything Kelley stands for.


Dr Oz: Miss Colorado Nurse Monologue

Dr Oz: Miss Colorado Kelley Johnson & Nurse Controversy

Dr Oz welcomed Miss Colorado Kelley Johnson to talk about the movement she started after her monologue about being a nurse. (www.medisave.co.uk / Flickr)

Dr Oz shared that at the 89th annual Miss America pageant, Miss Colorado stood center stage and delivered a monologue about a patient who inspired her. She spoke about a man named Joe who was in the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s. He would ask her for several things and she would constantly respond that she couldn’t because she was “just a nurse.” Her patient Joe reminded her that she is not “just a nurse” and that monologue has now been viewed on YouTube nearly 5 million times.


Although there was an incredible amount of positivity and support surrounding Kelley after that monologue, she was also met with a lot of criticism. Many people even wondered why Kelley was wearing a stethoscope if she was “just a nurse.” Nurses all across the country began sharing pictures of them wearing their scrubs and stethoscopes, using the hashtags Nurses Unite, My Talent Is Nursing, and Not Just A Nurse.

Dr Oz: Miss Colorado Kelley Johnson

Dr Oz then welcomed Miss Colorado herself, Kelley Johnson, to his show. She walked out wearing her scrubs, stethoscope, and Miss Colorado sash. Kelley explained that she doesn’t know how to twirl a baton and she doesn’t know how to sing, so when she began thinking about the talent portion of the Miss America competition, she didn’t want to be counted out. She said she knew that nursing was her talent. She knew she could act or do something dramatic for her monologue, or she could just be herself. She said she can’t believe that her choice has helped give so many people the recognition they deserve.

As for the controversy, Kelley said she actually didn’t even know about the comments until all the nurses in America reacted to it for her. As for the stethoscope, Kelley joked about all the times that doctors have had to borrow a nurse’s stethoscope. She said pointed out that nurses are working 12 hour shifts without eating or using the bathroom, just to take care of people. She said it was a great opportunity to show how intelligent you truly have to be, to be a nurse.

Dr Oz: Jamie Otis, Nurses Unite

Dr Oz said he loved how many nurses got behind Kelley on social media. She said she believes that nurses are under-appreciated, but that is now changing. Dr Oz said nursing is the number one most respected profession, and there is data behind it. He then shared that the hashtag Nurses Unite was actually tweeted by more than 60 million people. One of those women was Jamie Otis, who works at Dr Oz’s hospital. She tweeted a picture of herself and explained that her stethoscope was in her locker.

Dr Oz then spoke to a nurse in his audience who said she represented the New Jersey state nurses and American Nurses Association as a state president. She said they are the voices for the 3.4 million registered nurses out there and they were so proud of Kelley. She said the biggest myth has to do with their intelligence and education. Dr Oz said he thinks it’s mostly about being under-informed and the entire controversy is a teaching moment.

What do you think about Kelley’s monologue? What about the entire movement that occurred because of it?

Dr Oz: Nurses Speak Out

Dr Oz was with an audience full of nurses who were ready to speak up about the Miss Colorado nurse monologue controversy. Dr Oz spoke to one woman in the audience who wanted to thank Kelley Johnson for her monologue, saying that she showed you definitely don’t want to anger the nurses. Dr Oz then spoke to another woman named Laurie who shared that her husband just found out he needed quadruple bypass and the nurses took care of her husband and her family. She said she was so proud to be a nurse, and was happy to share that two of her daughters are nurses while the other two are in nursing school.

Dr Oz then spoke to a man in the audience named Robert who has been a nurse for about eight years. He said he’s proud to be a man in the nursing occupation. Dr Oz wanted to keep the conversation going so he wants everyone to use hashtag Nurse Nation to give nurses everywhere a voice. If you’re a nurse, know a nurse, or have been touched by a nurse, you can become a part of this movement.


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