Dr Oz: Michelle Obama Partners Let’s Move Initiative & Active Schools


Dr Oz: Michelle Obama Announces Let’s Move Initiative In Schools

Dr. Oz welcomed First Lady Michelle Obama back on his show and they talked about her midlife crisis, how she developed such a strong self-esteem, her views on how much the government should be involved with our health and she told Dr. Oz about her stance on the banning of soda. She also unveiled her new program, Let’s Move, to help America get healthier. Keep reading to find out more about the Let’s Move initiative.

Dr Oz: Only 10 Percent Of Schools Have Physical Education Programs

Dr Oz: Michelle Obama Partners Let's Move Initiative & Active Schools

Michelle Obama announced her plans to partner her Let’s Move initiative with her Active Schools program to promote healthier lifestyles in our children.


Secretary of Education Arne Duncan joined the First Lady and Dr. Oz to discuss improving the physical fitness programs in schools all around America. Michelle Obama started the conversation by telling Dr. Oz the average child spends about seven hours a day in front of some sort of screen and only about 10 percent of schools have physical education programs. She said studies have shown children need at least 60 minutes of movement every day but many are simply not getting it.

Duncan said we should not be choosing whether to spend money on physical education or academics because both of them are important. Even with shrinking budgets in schools around America we need to consider both equally beneficial to our children because they both enforce each other.

Dr Oz: Michelle Obama Let’s Move Active Schools Announcement

Michelle Obama announced on the Dr. Oz Show an unprecedented partnership she is launching with the Let’s Move initiative. She called it Active Schools and the goal is to get 50,000 schools to become more active. Michelle Obama said she is launching a website but it will only work if there are champions at every school pushing the program. She said anyone can take part, from teachers to parents, and the website has all the information for getting our children healthier and more active. It shows parents and teachers how to personalize programs for your child’s school and gives tools to achieve healthy lifestyle goals.


The First Lady told Dr. Oz physical activity for our kids is as equally important as helping them get good test scores. In many cases, the smallest amount of activity can be the key to keeping a child motivated in school.

Dr Oz: Third Graders Show Michelle Obama How To Stay Active

Several third grade students from a school in New Jersey joined Dr. Oz and Michelle Obama to share a fun dance they do to stay active. They even taught a few of the moves to Dr. Oz and the First Lady as they all danced together for Dr. Oz’s audience.


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