Dr Oz: Michelle Obama Improving School Lunches & Let’s Move Initiative


Dr Oz: Michelle Obama Visits Dr. Oz

First Lady Michelle Obama was back on Dr. Oz to talk about her midlife crisis, self-esteem and the government’s role in keeping Americans healthy. She even shared a few items from her bucket list.

Dr Oz: Michelle Obama’s Mid-Life Crisis and Bucket List

Dr. Oz joked with Michelle Obama about her self-diagnoses of a midlife crisis. She told him as the First Lady she can’t just go buy a fancy sports car or go skydiving so she cut her bangs.


Michelle Obama also told Dr. Oz having a bucket list when you are the First Lady is not very exciting either. She said just trying to take her dog for a walk or shopping at Target are the kinds of things she is trying to scratch off her list.

Dr Oz: Michelle Obama Improving School Lunches & Let's Move Initiative

Dr. Oz and Michelle Obama talked about the success of improving school lunches in America and what role she thinks the government should play in our health. (K2 images / Shutterstock.com)

Dr Oz: Michelle Obama Health Goals After 50

Michelle Obama told Dr. Oz she doesn’t have any health goals she is trying to meet before she turns 50 next year because she is constantly trying to follow a healthy lifestyle. She does want to add more stretching and yoga to her lifestyle, though.


As for her age, Michelle Obama said she is embracing hitting 50, not fearing it. Plus, she is blessed genetically she told Dr. Oz. Her mother is the epitome of healthy for a 75-year-old woman. She told him she admires people who are active and energetic after they hit their 70s. She said she is striving to be healthy enough to be active at that age as well and told the audience she wants to be “fly” when she is 80.

Dr Oz: Michelle Obama Strong Self-Esteem

Michelle Obama told Dr. Oz she gets criticized often, but she has a strong self-esteem and she doesn’t let the negativity affect her. Since everything she does is for the health of our children and the care of military families, she knows she is doing good and she can let the negativity fall to the wayside.

Even when she is getting criticized for her appearance or her weight, Michelle Obama said she doesn’t let it bother her. But what does bother her is how those comments and criticisms could be affecting the young girls in America. It could affect the way they see their own bodies.

Michelle Obama said her message to all children is it is not about what you look like on the outside that matters, but what is in your mind and in your heart that are most important.

Dr Oz: Michelle Obama Improving School Lunches In America

Dr. Oz wanted to hear more about Michelle Obama’s plan for improving school lunches in America. Michelle Obama said it is too early to gauge how successful her attempt at improving school lunches in America has been, but she thinks there has been amazing progress made, especially by all the hard-working chefs who cook meals for our children everyday. She believes the program is important because children are learning about nutrition from the food they are being served in school.

Dr Oz: Government’s Role In America’s Health

Dr. Oz and Michelle Obama are very similar in that they care deeply for the health and well-being of everyone in this country. But Dr. Oz wanted to know how much Michelle Obama thought the government should be involved in the health of Americans. Michelle Obama said the government can provide the tools to make Americans healthier but it is up to us to make an effort to feed our families healthier foods and to get more exercise.

Michelle Obama: Soda In Moderation Is Okay

Dr. Oz wanted to know Michelle Obama’s stance on banning all soda in America and how she feels about the possibility. She told him it is okay to have a soda now and then, but she always emphasizes the importance of moderation, even with her own daughters and the children she meets when promoting her Let’s Move campaign. She said we need to find a healthy balance. She added that children are always going to eat fast food and it is up to parents to regulate the food they are eating. 


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