Dr Oz: Melissa Rivers, Joan Rivers In Hollywood + Fashion Police


Dr Oz: Inside Melissa Rivers’ Home

Dr Oz was talking to Melissa Rivers inside her own home about sudden and tragic death of her mother Joan. Joan absolutely loved to make other people laugh, and wasn’t afraid to poke fun at herself. Melissa took Dr Oz into the kitchen and shared that she comes from generations of people who do not cook. There wasn’t a dish her mom could make; she only made reservations. Melissa said her son Cooper and Joan were best friends.

Dr Oz: Joan Rivers In Hollywood

Dr Oz: Melissa Rivers, Joan Rivers In Hollywood + Fashion Police

Melissa Rivers sat down with Dr Oz inside her own home to talk about working with her mom in Hollywood and on the future of ‘Fashion Police.’ (jasonparis / flickr)


Melissa shared that Joan would always say that life is hard enough, so if you wake up and like what you see in the mirror, it’s going to help you throughout the day. Melissa said, “You do what you need to do to make yourself feel better.”

Joan had previously told Dr Oz that without all her plastic surgery, she probably would have been out of work. Melissa said, “Hollywood is such a clique-y town” and her mom was never an insider and was never invited to anything.

Dr Oz: Fashion Police

Dr Oz then asked about Fashion Police and what it was like working with her mom. Melissa said it was great, but they had moments where they would disagree professionally. Kelly Osbourne and Kathy Griffin recently quit the show, and Melissa said in hindsight, they probably rushed the show back on the air. But it made sense at the time because it was award season. She said that everyone on the show was very close. They were like a family, and then the “head of the family died.”


Dr Oz: Who Was Joan Rivers?

When asked what her mom was truly like, Melissa said, “silly, quiet.” She also said that a lot of people didn’t realize that Joan was very shy and that going to events was terrifying for her because she thought people hated her. But Melissa also said her mom was brave and fearless because of the topics she’d talked about and the things she’d done. She even worked with Elizabeth Taylor to raise awareness about AIDS when it was still being called “gay pneumonia” and even received death threats.

Melissa said eventually her mom got over it because at one point she said to Melissa, “What are they going to say to me and what are they going to do to me that hasn’t been done and hasn’t been said?” She would always say towards the end, “I look pretty good for 80.” Melissa said she and Cooper are going to be okay.

Did this interview with Melissa help shine a different light on Joan Rivers?


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