Dr Oz: Mark Burnett Health Scare & What did Jesus’ Diet Consist Of?


Dr Oz: The Bible Review

Mark Burnett, the Executive Producer of The Bible on the History Channel, and his wife Roma Downey have been faithful followers of God for much of their lives. When they decided to bring the Bible to television, they took the task very seriously. They told Dr. Oz they reached out to different denominations so they could get the most accurate picture of the Bible as they could.

Dr Oz: Jesus’ Diet Consisted Of Fish, Lentils and Chickpeas

Mark Burnett told Dr. Oz he and his team conducted extensive research before bringing the Bible to television, which led to them getting some great insight into the health of Jesus. He said while filming in the Middle East, Burnett and his team learned Jesus and his disciples would walk from town to town, meaning they must have been very robust people. He said they also believe Jesus ate a lot of fish, lentils and chickpeas. Essentially, his diet was a plant-based whole foods diet.


Dr Oz: Mark Burnett Health Scare & What did Jesus' Diet Consist Of?

Dr. Oz talked with Mark Burnett about filming The Bible, how prayer helped him through the filming and they talked about Jesus’ diet of lentils and fish. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

Dr Oz: Jesus Fasted To Cleanse His Body

Burnett said his research also revealed that Jesus probably fasted in order to cleanse and purify his body. He said during one of these times, Satan came to Jesus after he had fasted 40 days and 40 nights trying to tempt him while he was in a very vulnerable state. He said there is a lot of fasting in the Bible because people wanted to purify their bodies. He also said people ate less food than we do today. Jesus probably ate two meals a day instead of the five many people eat today.

Dr Oz: Did Jesus Have a Healthy Diet?

Dr. Oz wanted to know if it would be beneficial to follow the diet Jesus had when he was on earth. Dr. Oz said following Jesus’ diet could be better for our souls and our bodies, which often get neglected when it comes to our spiritual health.


Roma Downey and Mark Burnett said they prayed a lot when they were filming The Bible, which took over four years to complete. They said it gave them the strength to finish the series and it also held their marriage together.

Mark Burnett: Calcium Buildup In His Arteries

Although Mark Burnett might look healthy on the outside, with Dr. Oz even commenting that Burnett was probably eating a diet similar to Jesus’ already, Burnett said he does have some health problems. He revealed that he is genetically predisposed to having calcium buildup in his arteries. He said besides this health problem, he is very healthy, very fit and he tries to eat healthy all the time. He told the audience he was grateful to Dr. Oz for helping him manage his health, even though Dr. Oz couldn’t think of a single reason Burnett would have so much calcium buildup in his arteries when he is such a healthy person.

Dr Oz: Power Of Prayer To Heal

Mark Burnett strongly believes in the power of prayer, not only for his own struggles, but because he has seen firsthand how well it can heal others. He added a quote from his wife, Roma Downey, who often says “the family who prays together, stays together.”


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