Dr Oz: Mackenzie Phillips Key to Staying Sober & Addictive Painkillers


Dr Oz: Dr Drew Pinsky – Family History Of Addiction Increases Your Risk

Dr. Oz and Dr. Drew Pinsky talked about the television show Celebrity Rehab and whether Dr. Drew felt responsible for the death of Mindy McCready, a patient on the show four years ago. He told Dr. Oz it was not his fault she committed suicide, saying it is the stigma behind addiction that pushed her to such extreme measures.

Mackenzie Phillips: Deep Personal Relationships Key To Staying Sober

Mackenzie Phillips, a Celebrity Rehab cast member, joined Dr. Oz and Dr. Drew via satellite to talk about the show and about Mindy McCready’s death. She told Dr. Oz when a person leaves a treatment facility, it is up to that person what path they are going to take. They can go back to their old ways or they can fight the addiction. Phillips told Dr. Oz she makes it her daily priority to work on her recovery and any time anything tough comes up, like the death of her friend Bonnie Franklin, she can cope with the problem on her own and with the help of her support group instead of turning to drugs to alcohol. She told Dr. Oz deep, personal relationships are the key to her sobriety.


Dr Oz: Mackenzie Phillips Helping Others With Addiction

Dr Oz: Mackenzie Phillips Key to Staying Sober & Addictive Painkillers

Dr. Oz talked with Mackenzie Phillips about the key to staying sober, and Dr. Drew explained why addiction risks rise with history of addiction in a family. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

Phillips told Dr. Oz she has been through several recovery programs for her addiction prior to being on Celebrity Rehab. She also revealed she was nine months clean before entering the program and the biggest difference between the show and other recovery programs was Dr. Drew. She said he was kind and caring and allowed her to feel pain and talk about it openly.

Phillips said her recovery is always ongoing no matter how long she has been clean and sober. She told Dr. Oz her mission everyday is to help someone else with addiction become sober.


Dr Oz: Effects Of Cocaine Addiction On the Brain and Body

Dr. Oz wanted to demonstrate how quickly someone can become addicted to drugs and/or alcohol so he and Dr. Drew explained how the drugs may cause a good feeling initially but then it turns into a need. Before long, the need becomes so strong you cannot function without the drugs in your system. Dr. Drew said this is especially true when talking about cocaine.

Dr Oz: Six Most Addictive Prescription Painkillers

Dr. Oz said addiction to prescription pain medication is on the rise in America and you might be surprised how easily it can happen to you. Most of us will take some sort of prescription medication in our lives and some of those prescription medications may pose a larger risk of addiction than others, especially those given to treat pain.

Dr. Drew warned that you need to be careful when taking prescription medication because accidental deaths have been on the rise the past few years. The following prescription medications are the top six most addictive prescription painkillers on the market according to Dr. Oz:

  • Demerol
  • Percocet
  • Oxycontin
  • Fentanyl
  • Vicodin
  • Hydrocodone

Dr Oz: Risk Of Addiction To Painkillers Greater With History Of Alcoholism

Dr. Drew Pinsky said the first responsibility a doctor has to his patient is to ask whether or not there is a history of alcoholism or addiction in the family, especially before prescribing any type of painkiller. Dr. Drew said patients need to volunteer the information if the doctor does not ask them because if you are prescribed a pain medication and take it for longer than two weeks, it puts you at greater risk for developing an addiction.


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