Dr Oz: Life Span Moisture Level Technique & Perceive Digestive Issues


Dr Oz: John Kortum, Life Span Moisture Level

Dr. Oz and medical intuitive John Kortum discussed how Kortum is able to use intuitive perception to find medical problems within the body before a doctor even has the chance to diagnose the problem. He even demonstrated on an audience member on Dr. Oz. Do you think it really works?

Dr Oz: Puffy Cheeks a Textural Perception Of Thyroid Conditions

Kortum believes our senses can be used to detect and heal health problems within our own bodies. He told Dr. Oz he uses his sight to look for different textures on the body, something he likened to touching a person but with his eyes. Kortum said he can not only look at his own body, he is also able to perceive other people’s illnesses as well.


Dr Oz: Life Span Moisture Level Technique & Perceive Digestive Issues

Dr. Oz put medical intuitive John Kortum to the test perceiving illness in people, and Kortum explained how to use the life span moisture level technique.

Dr. Oz put Kortum’s skills to the test with images of three different women, two of whom had thyroid issues. Dr. Oz asked him to use his intuition to find out which woman did not have the thyroid condition. After examining all three women he was able to correctly choose the two who had thyroid conditions by simply looking at the puffiness in their cheeks.

Dr Oz: Signs In Your Face Signal Breast Condition

The next group of photos Dr. Oz challenged Kortum to diagnose included three different women, two with breast cancer and one without. He made another accurate assessment of the the three women, explaining to Dr. Oz he looked at the women’s faces and he perceived something similar to string cheese hanging down from their cheeks, a sign of something wrong in their breasts.


Dr Oz: Dark, Dense, Thick Face a Sign Of Digestive Issues

Dr. Oz had another set of photos for Kortum to look at, this time giving him the task of perceiving which two of the three people suffered from digestive problems. He was able to correctly diagnose the two people again, this time explaining he was looking for a dark, dense thickness to a person’s face.

Dr Oz: Life Span Moisture Level Technique

Kortum claims he has the ability to teach anyone how they can instantly tune into their body’s immune system by using a technique he called life span moisture level. Kortum said he can perceive the saturation of moisture in the person’s skin and he then ranks the moisture level from zero to 100 percent. He further explained the moisture level is like the body’s biological power supply and it needs to draw upon this power supply to sustain or prevail over health imbalances.

Kortum used the example of a person with cancer to further explain how the life span moisture level works. He told Dr. Oz if he sees a patient with a good amount of moisture in their skin, he tells them to continue their current health treatment because he knows they will beat it. Dr. Oz said this mimicked what a traditional medical doctor would tell a patient because they also use moisture levels to determine how well a patient is doing during surgery.

Kortum uses a spectrum of lettuce to demonstrate his life span moisture level in people. He brought several heads of lettuce on the show, all of which ranged in moisture levels. Kortum told the audience 100 percent moisture is rare in most individuals, only being concerned with someone’s health when their life span moisture levels drop below 50 percent.

Dr Oz: Improve Life Span Moisture Level To Fight Disease

Kortum explained to Dr. Oz a person with a low moisture level can improve their moisture levels by letting go of things in the past and allowing life to continue flowing forward. In the case of digestive issues, Kortum said it is best to eat the right foods so your body can absorb more nutrients and the life span moisture level will be restored.


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