Dr Oz: Kim Coles & Husband Reggie + Embrace “Happy Pounds”


Dr Oz: Kim Coles & Husband Reggie

Dr Oz referred to what he calls “happy pounds” or “love chub” or even as Lauren Conrad put it, “the boyfriend layer.” They’re the weight you put on once you’re in a happy and comfortable relationship. One woman said she’d gained 20-25 pounds but said it wasn’t all her husband’s fault. So why do we pack on the pounds when we’re happy? Dr Oz talked to two newlyweds to find out a little better.


Reggie and Kim met and knew pretty much right away that they found the one. They got engaged not even a year later, and acknowledged that they were so happy and enjoying each other, that their eating habits sort-of got off track and they had a hard time finding balance. They’ll do things like hike and try to stay active, but the pounds are still there.

Dr Oz: Kim Coles & Husband Reggie + Embrace "Happy Pounds"

Dr Oz, Kim Coles, and her husband Reggie talked about the extra weight people tend to put on when in happy relationships. (katerha / Flickr)


Dr Oz: Happy Newlyweds

Kim Coles and her husband Reggie joined the show, explaining that they just got married and actually just had “honeymoon part one” and were about to off for “honeymoon part two.” Kim said the best part about being married to Reggie is “having great companionship that is your soulmate.” She said it’s the guy that she’s supposed to be with for the rest of her life.

Dr Oz: Happy Emotional Eating

So why do those in happy relationships tend to gain weight? Kim said she believes it has to do with being happy and comfortable, and food is a celebration in our society. In their case, they dated long distance so when they finally lived together they spent a lot of time dating, going out to restaurants, and enjoying dessert. Dr Oz said it turns out that when you’re happy eating, it’s also a type of emotional eating. The difference is that happy people over-indulge while having a good time and unhappy eaters tend to isolate themselves.

When Kim mentions her weight gain to Reggie, he said he always tells her “I didn’t marry you for your weight, I married you for who you are.” He said too many people fall in love with image, because when you fall in love the whole person comes with it. The good news is that Kim and Reggie have a plan to help you embrace your happy pounds.

Dr Oz: Embrace Your Happy Pounds

Dr Oz introduced a couple who had been together for three years, Courtney and Joseph, and explained that they were guilty of putting on some happy pounds. Courtney said she knew all along that she was happy and Joseph said he was a slave to junk food. As for what Joseph thought of his wife’s “new body” Joseph said “I have no problem with all that chocolate.”

Kim said anytime she mentions her weight or wanting to lose weight, Reggie will tell her they should instead focus on being healthy and do it together. Now that they’re together they find ways together to be healthy, which makes them happy at the same time. Kim said a woman who loves herself is easier to love. Reggie said “the world is going to treat you how you treat yourself.”

On Dr Oz’s website, 57% of people said that 5-10 pounds didn’t change how attracted they were to their partner. Have you or your partner recently gained weight? Would it or did it change the way you felt about them?


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