Dr Oz: Jack Osbourne Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis & 10 Years Sober


Dr Oz: Jack Osbourne Suicide Attempt Before Age of 17

Being in the spotlight all the time took a toll on Jack Osbourne. While talking with Dr. Oz he opened up about how being on a reality show made his struggle with dyslexia, depression and weight gain harder than it should have. Osborne eventually turned to drugs and alcohol to try and numb the pain which only led to an addiction and a suicide attempt before he was 17 years old. Thankfully, Osbourne was able to turn his life around in rehab, telling Dr. Oz he has been clean for 10 years now.

Jack Osbourne’s Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis

Dr Oz: Jack Osbourne Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis & 10 Years Sober

Jack Osbourne opened up to Dr. Oz about his multiple sclerosis diagnosis and finding the strength to stay sober for his baby girl. (Debby Wong / Shutterstock.com)


Jack Osbourne told Dr. Oz he fought through his addiction, although it wasn’t easy, and he is thankful he did because he is healthier and happier than he has ever been. He recently got married and he had a beautiful baby girl with his new wife but everything changed just three weeks after she was born. Jack Osbourne was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Osbourne said at the time of the diagnosis, he knew nothing about the the disease which scared him.

Jack Osbourne Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

The only think Jack Osbourne knew about the disease was that a few years before his own MS diagnosis, Richard Pryor had died of the same disease. He thought he had been given a death sentence.

As of May 20 2013, when he was on Dr. Oz, Osbourne said he felt great but that’s the funny thing about MS he said. You never know which days you will feel good and which days you won’t. Osbourne explained that every person in America with MS, all two million, have varying symptoms. Personally, for Jack Osbourne, he said he has felt tingling in his legs and he even went blind in one eye.


Jack Osbourne Stem Cell Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis

Jack Osbourne tries to maintain a healthy diet, he told Dr. Oz. He tries to eliminate as many foods that causes inflammation as he can since inflammation is one of the factors that cause MS. Jack Osbourne said he also tried other treatments for his multiple sclerosis, such as stem cell therapy.

Jack Osbourne Find Strength to Be Sober from Daughter

While MS is a very serious disease, Jack Osbourne and his family have faced similar struggles in their lives. At the age of 17 he went to rehab for his drug and alcohol addictions which he was able to overcome  saying he has been sober for 10 years. Jack was also proud to announce his father has been sober for some time now, although he has fallen off the wagon a few times.

Sharon Osbourne, Jack’s mother, has seen some struggles in her life as well. She was diagnosed with cancer and had to have a double mastectomy performed. He said watching her go through the cancer treatments was hard but she taught him the only thing you need to make it through those struggles is something to live for. For her is was always her children and it is the same for Jack now. He said he is motivated to stay sober and healthy for his daughter, Pearl.


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