Dr Oz: Hot Flashes From Menopause Lasting Up To 14 Years


Dr Oz: Long-Term Hot Flashes

Dr Oz shared the breaking news that hot flashes can actually affect women for up to 14 years. Hoda Kotb from The Today Show said, “People always ask us why we wear sleeveless, and we’re like, ‘Well, if you knew, you’d understand!'” Some women have even experienced hot flashes on air, like Whoopi Goldberg from The View, who said, “You know, I just had a big ole hot flash, and my underwear is wet.”

Dr Oz: Hot Flashes From Menopause Lasting Up To 14 Years

Dr Oz revealed that hot flashes can actually last up to 14 years, but certain ethnicities are affected more than others. (igor kisselev / Shutterstock.com)


It used to be that everyone thought women only suffered hot flashes for a few years, but a new study says that’s not the case, and African-American and Hispanic women are suffering the most. This news has caused women everywhere to open up about the issue.

Dr Oz: Who Suffers Most From Hot Flashes?

Dr Oz welcomed OB/GYN and author Dr Lauren Streicher, who explained that it’s important because not only was it the largest study, having studied 1,500 women, but also the most diverse. She said they learned that if you start menopause younger, you’re likely to suffer more. She said it basically just validated what both gynecologists and every menopausal woman already knew.

So why are African-American and Hispanic women suffering longer from hot flashes than Caucasian women? Dr Streicher said it’s not clear if it’s genetic or the result of their diet. Asian women are the least likely to be affected and have a very different diet than Hispanic women, but Dr Streicher said she doesn’t buy that.


She said she’s seen women of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities and they’re all suffering. She said, “Genetics definitely trumps diet.”

Dr Oz: Menopausal Hot Flashes

Dr Streicher said we’re now living longer, but the average age of menopause is still 51 years old. We have 30-40 years of experiencing it, whereas if our great-grandmothers did live that long, they weren’t out working.

Dr Streicher said obesity is definitely a factor and certain foods are triggers for women as well. She said the number one thing women need to know is that in general, hot flashes will last more than two to three years and there are solutions so you don’t need to suffer.


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