Dr Oz: High There App For Marijuana Users + Synthetic Turf Danger


Dr Oz: Dating App For Pot Smokers

Dr Oz shared that he brought together some of his favorite reporters to break down some of the hottest health headlines. Dr Oz started by talking about a new dating app sparking some debate. The app is called High There and it is a dating app for “weed worshipers.” Dari Alexander, a Fox 5 news reporter said the app allows you to meet other people who enjoy smoking weed. It was developed in Colorado and is only approved in states that have legalized the medicinal and recreational use of marijuana.

Dr Oz: High There App For Marijuana Users + Synthetic Turf Danger

Dr Oz talked about the app that connects people who use marijuana. (neeta_lind / flickr)


Dr Mike Cirigliano from Fox 29 said that, as a doctor, he knows that anything you burn is not good for you. He said he’s down for the legalization of medicinal marijuana, but the problem is that kids may get into it. There’s also the concern about the drug getting into your lungs.

Dr Oz: Pot Smoker Dating App

Melanie Woodrow from Fox 2 in San Francisco said she’s all about shared interests but wondered about the legal implications of using the app and whether law enforcement would get involved and track people using the app. Dari said it opens up a whole new society surrounding pot, but at some point, it’s going to be in the local stores and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Dr Oz: Synthetic Turf Dangers

Dr Oz then moved on to talk about concerns over synthetic turf fields being made with ground up recycled tires. The synthetic turf poses a risk to all those who come into regular contact with it. Dr Oz said he was highly concerned about the synthetic turf, and Melanie said there’s something being called “the goalkeeper’s curse,” because goalies tend to eat the turf while they’re diving for the ball. Some studies have been done on the turf, but none have been done about actual ingestion.


Melanie said more research has to be done, and schools aren’t tearing up the fields because of cost. Melanie said that unless there’s a definitive link between crumb rubber turf and cancer, most people don’t want to pay to rip out the fields.

Dr Oz: Chemicals In Synthetic Turf

Mike said so far, the data has not shown any volatile chemicals coming up, other than an increased risk of abrasions in people who play on the turf. Mike agreed that more research needs to be done, but right now the data doesn’t show a solid link.


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