Dr Oz: Health Scams, Unsafe Food Transportation & FDA Food Regulations


Dr Oz: Biggest Health Scams Revealed

Dr. Oz and some of TV’s top investigative reporters exposed the biggest health scams on March 18 2013. The first topic Dr. Oz wanted to touch on was the distance traveled by the food you eat and the unhealthy practices of the truck drivers who deliver your food to grocery stores around the country.

Dr Oz: Food Reaches 101 Degrees Before It Hits Grocery Store Shelves

Dr. Oz talked with Today Show investigative reporter Jeff Rossen who spent a year looking into reports that say food is already spoiling before it even hits grocery store shelves. Could you be buying food that is already spoiled? Would you know what to look for on an item that may be spoiled? According to Rossen, we are all playing Russian roulette when it comes to the food we buy and it happens more often than most of us realize.


Rossen told Dr. Oz there were many different times when he would witness a truck driver get pulled over and the cop would measure the temperature of the food being hauled to be at 101 degrees. Dr. Oz told audiences when foods reach just 41 degrees there is a big problem. The food could be growing unhealthy bacteria because of the high temperature.

Dr Oz: Health Scams, Unsafe Food Transportation & FDA Food Regulations

Dr. Oz and investigative reporter Jeff Rossen talked about the health scams the food industry uses to keep costs low and how the FDA is doing nothing.

Dr Oz: Is Food Being Delivered Safely When In a Truck?

Jeff Rossen said everything having to do with our food supply comes down to money. Oftentimes truck drivers will turn down the cooling system in their trucks to save money on fuel. He even found that some truck drivers will travel across the country with the cooling system turned off only to turn it on 15 minutes before they arrive at their destination so the food seems refrigerated. He said the food will look, feel and smell fine because it isn’t possible to see, feel or smell the bacteria that could have grown in such hot temperatures.


Dr Oz: FDA Does Nothing To Regulate Food Transportation

Elizabeth Cohen, Medical Correspondent for CNN, told Dr. Oz the best way to tell if food is spoiled is by smelling it. If it smells bad it means it is time to toss it.

Sometimes though, even smelling the food won’t alert you to it being spoiled. At that point, if you get sick from the food there is no way to trace the sickness back to the food or the company it came from. Rossen said this has become such a huge problem that Congress asked the FDA to get involved eight years ago. Congress wanted food companies and truck drivers to be better monitored and regulated, but the FDA has done nothing yet. Even after Rossen’s piece aired on the Today Show, nothing has changed. He even called the FDA, which did nothing either.

Dr. Oz said he is angry at the fact that our government is doing nothing to make sure our food supply is safe. He believes the government needs to play a bigger role in making sure the food companies are held to safety standards.


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