Dr Oz: HDL Vs LDL Cholesterol & The Great Cholesterol Myth Review


Dr Oz: Cholesterol Myths

What do you know about cholesterol? You may want to check out what Dr Oz’s guests are saying before you make up your mind. Dr Stephen Sinatra and Dr Jonny Bowden are the authors of a controversial new book and they say that everything we know about cholesterol and health is wrong. What is The Great Cholesterol Myth? Does it matter if you are talking about HDL vs LDL cholesterol?

Dr Oz: The Great Cholesterol Myth Review

Dr Oz: HDL Vs LDL Cholesterol & The Great Cholesterol Myth Review

Dr Oz talked with two experts whose new book, The Great Cholesterol Myth, explains why cholesterol may not cause heart disease and exposes treatment risks.


  1. Charles Ivey says

    The whole Boomer Generation is supposed to roll over
    and believe that all of this hokey stuff is true
    after being poisoned from birth? Legal Arsenic in
    Food Animals started in 1944 and after lying to us
    for sixty-eight years we’re supposed to believe
    Alpharma has found something besides Arsenic to
    use just on their say so! Monensin is probably
    exactly the same as Roxarsone or 3 Nitro! Arsenic
    for Food Animals is still legal for Food Animals
    in this country! There has been no change of the
    rules by the law making authorities in this
    country. It’s just business as usual and America
    is still two-thirds overweight because of the
    growth promoter Arsenic in our food! America, fast
    on it’s way to becoming Bangladesh! Don’t believe
    it? Google “Arsenic in Chicken”, “Arsenic in Food”,
    and “Arsenic in Water”! If you eat a known human
    carcinogen and POISON do you think you will get
    Cancer? I think it’s a No Brainer! Truth be known
    that last statement was probably a literal one?
    No Brainer because it is known to cause
    Alzheimer’s too! The E.U. Stopped using it in
    1988 and came back and BANNED it in 1999! Why is
    it still legal here? Why do all lawmaking
    authorities skirt this issue? Why does it take sixty-eight years to find out somebody made a big,
    big, big mistake?

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