Dr Oz: General Mills, Nestle, & Kraft + More Natural Food Products


Dr Oz: Companies Making Healthy Changes

Dr Oz wanted to applaud some of the companies that have heard our pleas for healthier food, and to aid in his discussion he welcomed author of “Salt Sugar Fat” Michael Moss. In the past five years, General Mills, Campbell’s, Kraft, Nestle, Kellogg’s, and Unilever have made healthy food their priority. Michael explained that companies are starting to listen to consumer demand.


Kraft’s macaroni and cheese recently underwent some changes after so many people complained about the artificial yellow dyes. Those dyes are being removed and Kraft is using turmeric and paprika for color now instead. Nestle is removing artificial colors and flavorings and replacing them with natural ones, as well as reducing sodium content in many of their chocolates and candies. Campbell’s removed high fructose corn syrup, which they put in there for sweetness. Unilever, the maker of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, has removed all preservatives from its product. General Mills is going to phase out artificial flavors and colors by 2017.

Dr Oz: General Mills, Nestle, & Kraft + More Natural Food Products

Dr Oz discussed what companies are going the more natural route, satisfying the wants of many of their consumers. (ginnerobot / Flickr)


Dr Oz: Processed Foods Becoming More Natural

Dr Oz wanted to know if we would be okay with these changes going on, because of our emotional connection to the foods. One woman shared that she would be happy to change to healthier foods because she’s looking for healthier options. Another woman wondered how the process would change, in particular the making of the mac and cheese, because of how easy it’s always been to make.

Dr Oz said it will be a change in our lives, so we have to willing to tolerate slight differences knowing it’s better for us. It wouldn’t be fair for the companies to suffer just because they’re trying to make healthier products for us. Michael Moss explained that it’s a big movement with people caring about what they put in their bodies, and companies are listening. They have to respond, so we have to continue leading them in the right direction.

Would you care if the processed foods you grew up with were suddenly slightly different in terms of flavor or texture? Are you supportive of companies going in the healthier, more natural direction?

Dr Oz: Shocking Sugar Ads

Dr Oz reported that sugar used to be advertised for its health benefits. He read advertisements and had his audience guess whether they were real or fake. First, the ad said “Sugar just might be the willpower you need to curb your appetite” promoting people to drink a soft drink before their main meal. So is it fake or real? It was actually a real ad from the Sugar Council! He then shared another ad that said “Nibble on a cookie about an hour before lunch. Sugar keeps your energy up–and your appetite down.” It was another shockingly true ad!

Dr Oz then shared one more that said “If sugar is so fattening, how come kids are so thin?” The ad was pretty horrifying but the ad was from 1977. Hard to believe! The good news is that we’ve changed a lot about what we know about the food industry.


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