Dr Oz: Fighting Back Against Critics + Stance On GMOs


Dr Oz: Speaking Out About Critics

Dr Oz has been in the headlines recently after 10 mysterious doctors called for his removal from the faculty at Columbia Medical School, where he has been on the faculty for 20 years. He informs people so that they can make informed decisions about their health and the health of their families. Dr Oz said a lot of papers have claimed that his own hospital’s doctors were out to get him. There have been reports that he has made false claims in hopes of personal financial gain and they also cite his opposition to the genetic engineering of food crops, which isn’t true. He has never judged GMO foods, but supports GMO labeling. Some medical professionals have even called him a “quack.”

The British Medical Journal made a statement, saying in part that they were “disappointed that the overwhelming commentary seems to be that our study somehow proves that Dr. Oz and The Doctors are quacks or charlatans or worse. Our data in no way supports these conclusions.”


Dr Oz: Who Are The Doctors That Want Him Fired?

Dr Oz: Fighting Back Against Critics + Stance On GMOs

Dr Oz fought back against his critics and the ten doctors who are asking for him to be removed from the faculty at Columbia University. (stefano60 / flickr)

Dr Oz shared that he wanted to know more about who the 10 doctors are, which is why he had investigative reporter Elisabeth Leamy look into his critics. She uncovered some “surprising, hidden connections.” He said it’s interesting that they claim he has a “conflict of interest” when some of them have their own conflicts of interest and “some integrity ones also.”

Some of the 10 doctors that asked Columbia University to fire Dr Oz include Gilbert Ross, Henry Miller, Glenn Swogger Jr., and Jack Fisher. Dr Henry Miller’s name is at the top of the list of doctors who signed the letter, and he strongly supports GMOs, which Dr Oz has encouraged labeling for. Dr Miller was the face and the voice of “No on 37,” which is the campaign that encouraged California residents to vote against the labeling of GMOs. Miller got into some trouble for filming an ad for the proposition on Stanford University’s campus, and the ad labeled him as being with the university. Miller is actually with the Hoover Institution, and the university demanded that he pull the ad.


Dr Oz: Who Are Dr Oz’s Critics?

Documents also showed that in the 1990s, Miller was a “key supporter” of the tobacco industry. Henry Miller speaks on behalf of big corporations and “tells big lies on their behalf.” Dr Miller was also involved with the American Council on Science and Health or ACSH. ACSH has spoken in defense of cigarettes, pesticides, and GMOs, all while taking money from those corporations. There have been correlations between the companies ACSH solicits and the ones the issues they support in public.

ACHS president Gilbert Ross also signed the letter against Dr Oz, but what many don’t know is that he’s actually a convicted felon and while working as a doctor, he was charged with Medicaid fraud, costing the state of New York $8 million. He also spent time in prison. Two more doctors who signed the letter, Glenn Swogger, Jr. and Jack Fisher, are also affiliated with ACSH, which leads some to believe that this is just a “scare campaign” against Dr Oz.

Dr Scott Atlas is a fifth critic and he works with Dr Miller at the Hoover Institution. Hoover has taken money from companies that produce genetically modified foods. So those are some of the doctors who are calling Dr Oz’s positions and information into question.

Dr Oz: Fighting Back Against Critics

Dr Oz then sat down with Dr Joel Fuhrman, who said “it’s ugly.” He said they’re not representative of the medical profession and it’s not just an attack against Dr Oz, but against all medical professionals. Dr Fuhrman said it’s disappointing what the media did and called it “sloppy and dangerous journalism,” and said they reported a lot of things that weren’t accurate. He said the media reported first, before asking questions, and didn’t truly know who these people were.

Dr Oz said he has been criticized frequently for talking about unconventional medicines, even though they’ve been around for centuries. Dr Fuhrman said we have to recognize that half of what doctors do in their regular practices is not supported by randomized scientific trials. He said doctors do it because they’ve always done it a certain way and the first thing you learn in medical school is to never forget that all drugs are toxic with serious potential side effects, which is why lifestyle and more natural things should be used to treat side effects first.

Dr Oz: Why Are People Attacking Dr Oz?

Dr Oz shared that his show is also pressed on larger issues, like what’s going on in the environment. He’s gotten a lot of pushback from the media about his stances. Dr Fuhrman said no matter what stance you take, you’re going to hurt someone.

So what’s the motivation? Dr Oz said a lot of people are saying it’s his Senate testimony last year on weight loss supplements, but he stopped mentioning the products a year ago. The clue was in the doctors’ petition. At the center of the issue is his call to action that all GMO foods should be labeled. He recently taped a show about the Arctic Apple that is genetically modified to not turn brown.

Dr Oz: Okanagan Specialty Fruits + Statement To Critics

Dr Oz said he takes it very seriously to represent all sides of any argument or topic that he shows. He asked the company that makes the Arctic Apples, Okanagan Specialty Fruits, how they felt about how they were represented on his show and they said, in part, “Engaging in respectful evidence-based discussion is essential when it comes to a topic as complex and important as genetic engineering. While there are several viewpoints expressed by The Dr Oz Show which we disagree with, we are appreciative that Dr. Oz invited us to participate in the segment covering our apples so that we had the opportunity to share our side of the story.”

Dr Oz said he respects what they have done and said “public shaming and bullying me is not how it should be done.” He knows he may have upset people, but freedom of speech is the most valuable thing we have as American people, and those doctors are just trying to silence him.

What do you think about Dr Oz fighting back against his critics? Should they have come out against him in the first place? Do you support Dr Oz?


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