Dr Oz: Evzio Device For Heroin Overdoses + War On Drugs

Dr Oz: Treating War On Drugs

Dr Oz shared that he had always thought about the war on drugs as a “criminal problem” when maybe he should have instead thought of it as a “medical problem.” Dr Oz welcomed former New Jersey police detective Jack Cole, who spent 14 years undercover in narcotics. He would arrest heroin users and put them in jail, and shared that, in his opinion, it didn’t seem to do much good at all. Jack said it seems to be the wrong way to go about it, because imprisoning them only hinders their ability to move on in life and get a job down the road. It doesn’t actually treat the real problem, which is addiction.


Dr Oz: Tackling Heroin Overdoses

Dr Oz: Evzio Device For Heroin Overdoses + War On Drugs

Dr Oz discussed the device that has the ability to reverse the effects of a heroin overdose if taken within a window of time. (oddwick / Flickr)

Jack said if we spent money on creating programs that help people change and give them hope for the future, you’re likely to get much better results. As Dr Oz said, no matter where you stand in the debate, there is good news from all sides. There is a treatment now available for heroin users called naloxone, and Dr Oz wanted to find out more about it, so he went and visited Boston. The drug counters the effect of opioids, which is why it’s been most commonly seen in emergency rooms.


Dr Oz explained that when someone is using heroin, it goes right up to the brain. When you take too much, it knocks out your respiratory system and your nervous system, causing you to pass out, leaving you unable to breathe. Naloxone reverses the side effects which allows the person to breathe again. The FDA has now approved the first device for opioid overdose that you can use at home. It works similar to an Epi-pen and is called Evzio.

Dr Oz: Evzio Device To Reverse Opioid Overdose

Dr Oz said Evzio is the kind of item that everyone should have available. He began by explaining that it’s first taken out of the container and then it talks to you to tell you what to do. You don’t even have to remove clothing before administering. It’s not a substitute for medical attention, but it delivers a life-saving antidote.

Dr Oz was then joined by the Chief Medical Officer of the company who makes Evzio, Kaleo. Eric Edwards explained that Kaleo wants to make sure that their product is available to those who are on the front line of the epidemic. They are donating 50,000 of the Evzio devices in the hardest-hit communities in the nation. They’re also partnering with Facing Addiction in hopes of getting a grip on the epidemic plaguing our nation.

Do you plan on having one of those devices in your own home or at work?


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